Marathon Monday–Wk 8: Taking on the distance!

Workout Wanda: About 20 minutes of biking + lift/run circuit with 1.5 miles in .5 mile increments progressing {and racing Chris on the elliptical}: .5 @ 4:30, .5 @ 4:06, .5 @ 4:01!

This was my highest mileage week yet and for the fist time since I started this training cycle I’m more than a mile over schedule! More importantly, I had fun with this weeks miles. So much fun, in fact, that I am completely exhausted.

Okay, maybe its not running’s fault that I’m exhausted but if I don’t get some sleepy time soon I’ll probably trip over my own feet and fall asleep next to the trail. I’ve got a lot going on in my super busy {not!} life right now and while I somehow manage to waste an hour in Barnes & Noble I can’t figure out how to sleep more. Not cool.

But back to training. It was a solid week. For the first time in a while my mid-week long run actually occurred all at the same time…not chopped up into little bits throughout the week. Probably more effective that way, don’t ya think?


Monday: Ran 4.14 miles at Red Rocks in 42:52, pace of 10:21…hilly!
Tuesday: Ran 7.25 miles on trails in 1:12:43, pace of 10:02 with Chris biking along.
Wednesday: Just 1 mile outside, untimed and with Chris on his skateboard.
Thursday: Ran 1.5 miles outside and 1.5 miles on treadmill – all untimed.
Friday: Snowshoeing + hiking + backcountry boarding…stories to come!
Saturday: Rest day…glorious rest day!
Sunday: Ran 16 miles outside on trails in 2:43:29, pace of 10:12. Super proud!

My week came with two big highlights…running with Chris and running alone! Completely different but equally awesome. Well, at least the finished feeling of accomplishment was equally awesome!

On Tuesday Chris biked along for my 7 miler. I definitely enjoy his company more than he enjoys biking coasting along at 10mph but I won him over this time! Then on Wednesday I told him that the weather was just too great not to go outside again.


This time he decided to bring along his skateboard. He keeps telling people that I am the reason his stopped skateboarding. That is a lie. I now have proof!

Of course this has led Chris to thinking he needs new stuff for skateboarding…like soft wheels for his skateboard so riding doesn’t make his toes tickle. Or better yet, a new long board so he can ride down the hills without speed wobbles. Silly boy.


We only made it a mile of running/riding but with the walk breaks we took I’d say we got at least 1.5 miles covered. Not bad for a day when we both thought the couch was a great place to hang out. It’s a good thing Borderlands was still sitting on the shelf at Best Buy or we probably wouldn’t have made it outside!

Then on Sunday I ran alone. So very alone. No music, no running buddy, no contact with the outside work. Yup, I totally just lived alone in my head for three hours…and some how managed to stay entertained while not going {entirely} insane. Don’t judge.

This is a huge deal for me. I tend to completely psych myself out with long runs…or short, fast runs…or any run that takes a real amount of effort. Having someone along helps to distract me and keeps me from talking smack to myself about myself. This week it was just me, myself and a survivable run.

I still have trouble wrapping my tiny mind around the fact that I managed to not hate running…not even once…during my 16 miler. I realized this at mile 10. I still had 6 miles left but I’d decided hating wasn’t an option so I had fun with it instead. Winning!


I realize I forgot this yesterday when bragging on myself while half asleep but I think its important…check out the splits, and note a few things…

Mile 6 = that uphill I ran with my eyes closed.

Mile 12-16 = fastest miles of the run {except the first mile, which totally doesn’t count, for whatever reason you choose to believe}

Mile 16 = fastest mile of the run!

Most importantly…I finished fast. Not exactly “zomg, I’m gunna die” hard but I put forth an effort to pick up my speed. And it worked!

At Mile 9 my average pace was showing 10:25 and by the time I finished the Garmin was flaunting a 10:12. Sure, not super fast but I dropped my average!

I’d also like to point out the fact that my face of my Garmin was showing a 10:12…and I’m going with that. Forget you, lying upload dealy!

And now I’m done writing…and thinking. I’m off to bed. Actually, that is a lie. I’m off to make a list of all the things I MUST get done before I leave for the airport tomorrow. Oh boy. I should probably start by removing all sharp objects and things that go “splat” from my purse…

By the way – I’m flying back to Wisconsin tomorrow. I’m bumming rides off family and then annoyingly taking up space in their homes. Eventually I’ll end up in St Paul/Minneapolis to run the Team Ortho Get Lucky 21K. I’m doing it for the hoodie…which Courtney has been bragging about!


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