Slow, painful death…

Workout Wanda: Laze around attempting to get un-sick…not exactly successful!

Well, as of this morning I was in Wisconsin for less than 24 hours and I got slammed with a chest-crushing, lung-hacking, throat-throbbing cold. Um, what?! I think Wisconsin is rejecting me and I don’t appreciate it at all! Does the universe not understand I have a half marathon to run in two days?! Stupid universe and its inability to revolve around me!

I was perfectly fine on Tuesday and only had a dry throat on Wednesday – which I chalked up as talking way to darn much. Then early, early on Thursday morning I woke up hacking a lung and felt like there was an overweight elephant sitting on my chest. Not cool!

…Festival Foods {my love}…Culver’s {love child}…home cooked lunch {love!}…

And what does sick Heidi do?! She attempts to sleep extra but ends up a the best grocery store ever – Festival Foods – then eat lots of delicious food! It helped for a while but within a few hours I was whining about every muscle crying and shivering my tush off under four blankets on my grandparent’s couch! It felt like the beginning of a slow, painful death!


Yeah, this cold thingy pretty much sucks. I’m at my limit for meds at the moment and I can feel the full body ache slowly returning. Seriously, this sucks! I think it is safe to say that today sucked health-wise and I’m not sure the Get Lucky 21K is happening. It doesn’t get much less cool than this!

However, I did manage to help my grandparents pick out new furniture, ate even more home cooked food, annoyed more cats and came home to crocuses blooming at my mom’s house. And on top of that I got to listen to some old school country  music on the radio on the way home – ah-mazing! Not a perfect day, but at least I got to enjoy the parts when I was doing anything but shaking and whining!


Besides, I should be all better before long…I just finished up my night with more TheraFlu, orange juice, Sprite and Mucinex. Oh, and the “back in the day” staples like Hot Pockets – don’t judge me, they were labeled as “whole grain” – plus Chicken in a biscuit and a little Real World on just for good measure! Cured?! Probably not, but I can hope…


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