Get Lucky…7K Walk

Friday’s Workout Wanda: Befriending the couch…super exciting.
Saturday’s Workout Wanda: Walked 7K/4.3 miles in 1:17, pace of 17:42 at Get Lucky race.

Once again the Get Lucky 21K didn’t happen… Last year I dropped from the 21K down to the 7K because of issues with my peroneal tendon. This year I got attacked by the flu. The tendonitis issues was far more frustrating but having the flu seriously sucks. I gave up on the half marathon on Thursday when I was curled up in a ball on my grandparents’ couch cursing the existence of nerve endings. But I was still toying with the idea of the 7K.

Initially I thought I’d be okay to run the 7K with a friend but then it became painfully obvious that running a single step wasn’t going to happen…walking up stairs was hard work for my tattered body. This is when I convinced my mom to walk the 7K with me.

We still had to make the drive from WI to MN on Saturday morning so my alarm went off at 4:06am. That sucks when you’re healthy and sleeping like a baby…it really sucks when your sick and sleep is hard to come by. I dilly dallied as long as possible and we may have left the house 45 minutes late. No big deal…we only had two stops to make on the way and 3.5 hours of driving.

The race started at 9am. We pulled into our parking spot at 8:55am with about 5 blocks of walking before we got to the “walkers” section of the start line. With over 7,000 people participating in the 7K it was a complete cluster. Everything got really messy around the 10mpm corral but by the time we made it back to our walker area there was lots of space…and no lines for the porta potties!

…be jealous of all my glorious green!

Good thing we didn’t even get near the start line until 9:30am! We spent a lot of time waiting around and just being bored. Heck, at that rate I could have slept for another 30 minutes and we all know my broken self could have used that 30 minutes!


Eventually we made our way to the start and became part of the sea of green shutting down main roads on a Saturday morning. It didn’t take long for all the walk/runners to get past us and we made sure to stay out of the way. At first my mom was a little nervous about being so far to the back…but then we started having fun.


…the greenish blobs to the right of the mirror are us! I’ve run this course twice before and I’ve never noticed things like the mirror or any of the park signs/names. Its kind of nice to take the time to look around while walking along rather than weave around while running!


By the time we reached our 1K mark tons of people were already finishing the race – which makes sense considering it was a 4.3 mile race and it was already 9:45 at this time! Starting so late after the official start kind of stinks!


I could tell my mom wasn’t really loving me at this point…we briefly considered bailing on the race and blaming it on my illness but we kept on trucking. Before long it became pretty obvious that Mom has a competitive side. We may have only been walking but there were people to pass!

As we trotted along we would pick one person in front of us and then pass them up. First it was the chick in the red shirt. Then it was the girl with the off the shoulder top that couldn’t dress straight. Next it was billow butt – the lady with her jacket tied around her waist, billowing in the wind. We passed them all…even with a desperately needed bathroom break at 6K!


We kept at my mom’s pace which was a good thing – I would have been tempted to run and considering I hacked up a lung or two while walking its pretty obvious running would not have ended well!

On top of that it was hot and humid. Not what any sane person would expect in March and I was hot. I’d worn extra layers because I’d spent so much time being cold over the past few days but about 2 miles in I was a little toasty. I kept all my layers on but I got a sweat stream going down my back! Walking can definitely count as a workout if you do it right!

Unfortunately – for most every walker and slower runner – there was no water left at the one water stop on the course. Really not a good deal for anyone involved. Mom and I had brought our own water bottles along and were definitely happy to have them. A few people even commented on what a good idea it was!

Luckily the finish line was still intact when we got there. I would have been seriously disappointed if they had jumped the gun on that one. But nope, we got to walk under the finish line…and then forget to take photos in front of it. Oops.


We snatched up our medals and then immediately headed up the hill to the only place we knew we could find water. There we were told we could only half fill our water bottles…I obliged because I got their reasoning, but they had a ton of water at the start – would have been nice on the course!


Overall I had fun out on the course…it wasn’t a half marathon and it wasn’t running but I managed to get outside and move. That helped! At this rate I might actually be able to run by…next Tuesday?! Maybe even Monday if I get my sleep on!

…Amy, Mom and I…

After walking around to find our cars we finally decided to eat at the closest restaurant – The Old Spaghetti Factory. We weren’t the only ones with that plan – the lobby was fully of green clad runners!

With bellies full of carbs Mom and I headed to our hotel for get a tiny bit less stinky then we venture out to the Mall of America…because, really, you can’t be 3 minutes from the mall without at least stopping by! When we were kids we would get crazy excited for Lego land. Now that I’m all grown up it doesn’t look quite so massive but its still pretty cool!


So basically rather than running 13.1 miles I opted to walk about 13.1 miles…because really, walking around the Mall of America is a race of its own, especially on a Saturday! We may have been tired but we didn’t look nearly as distraught as most of the all-day’ers looked!


…and my Saint Patty’s Day was topped off with some Caribuo and delicious whip cream! I had no need for caffeine or anything similar but with green whip cream up for grabs you better believe I made the stop!


Get Lucky…7K Walk — 6 Comments

  1. Sorry you’ve been so sick. :( I think it’s super fun that you did the 7K with your mom though! Crazy how warm the weather is for March, but I’m a-okay with it. Take things easy & feel better soon.

    Question: did they really have flags at the race for every state?
    Lisa recently posted..An orange shirt and underwearMy Profile

    • The weather really was amazing for March – although I’m a little afraid to come home in July…

      Yeah, they have a flag for every state that has runners registered – I don’t think they had every state for this race.

  2. Glad you had a fun day, even with being sick and the race running out of water. Seeing your pics bring back so many memories… especially the one with the Mill Ruins Park. I ran there so many times in college! And Lego land! I haven’t been to MOA in AGES!
    Kathy recently posted..Another hilly long run.My Profile

  3. Oh no, bummer about being sick – Nice that you were able to do the 7k with your Mom. My Mom would have been like, “No. just no” Your Mom is a trooper! That legoland @ the MOA is pretty amazing! I went in 2007 and it was pretty neato..and that mall, man, it’s just so big.

    Hope you feel better quickly!
    Jena recently posted..a farkvel?My Profile

    • She really is! I didn’t realize how competitive she was until she said “ok, I passed that girl, who should we get next!?” then it was on!

      Just walking MOA should count as a workout!

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