Marathon Monday–Wk 9: Sickly Ickly

Workout Wanda: More slacking and hacking…yuck!

Well…another week of training is done although there definitely wasn’t a lot of running going on! Rather than training for a marathon my immune system thought it would be a great idea to get all sorts of sick. And since I’m still not a fully functional runner I should really be in bed. Which is exactly where I’m headed as soon as this posts…so look quick, its all I’ve got!


Monday: 1.5 mile run on the treadmill + 20 minutes of biking + 2 lifting circuits
Tuesday: travel from CO to WI
Wednesday: 4.5 mile run outside with Amber on her bike
Thursday: SICK with flu
Friday: SICK with flu
Saturday: 7K/4.3mi walk at Get Lucky race with my mom
Sunday: SICK with flu


So, Week 9 is my shortest mileage week yet…and hopefully ever…in this training. Not amazing, but I can promise you that my “sick excuse” was far more than just an excuse – it was very real. This coming week is also going to end up a little short in running but I think I can handle that…just this one time.

However, you should know that “Segment 3” is the highest mileage yet – even with all the couch time I took during the last week. That makes me feel a whole lot better about my training as a whole. Even though I missed this past week I have two weeks before that with extremely solid running – I’m still going to take on Fargo and be awesome. Or at least not die. Just keeping my goals realistic!

There you have it – a super speedy fast run down of the week. Now my heavily medicated delusional self is headed to bed and hopefully my immune system will get itself back together!


Marathon Monday–Wk 9: Sickly Ickly — 8 Comments

    • …or tomorrow. Its so annoying – I don’t feel horrible but if I so much as laugh I start to hack a lung up.

      And hopefully your foot falls back into love with the rest of your body…soon! 😉

  1. It sounds like that was the real deal sick. Usually when that happens you are better off resting, it makes the subsequent weeks of training go much better.

    I’m sure you’ll do great in Fargo!
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    • I keep telling myself this as I put off one. more. day. of training! I’d rather get over it all NOW and be able to stick with real training once I get back to running…hopefully tomorrow!

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