Marathon{ish} Monday{ish}–Wk 10: Zero, Zilch, Zippo

Workout Wanda: Untimed 3 mile run – first in 12 days!! Rode 11.35 miles with Chris.

Um, yeah. Running has not been happening. Oddly enough my planner that has my training plan chicken scratched into it is missing – very convenient as I now have no proof of my complete and udder slacking!

Week 10 of marathon training consisted of exactly zero miles. I didn’t even attempt running. When the act of simply hoofing it up a flight of stairs sends me into a coughing tizzy running isn’t even sort of on the agenda. However, I did manage to throw a little activity into my life here and there. Without an official training plan this is what my week looked like:

Monday: Rest Day – SICK
Tuesday: Rest Day – SICK
Wednesday: 2 mile walk/hike at Rocky Mountain National Park
Thursday: 5+ hours of snowboarding at Breck & Keystone
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 1-2 mile snowshoeing hike at Rocky Mountain National Park
Sunday: 1.5 mile snowshoeing hike UPHILL with elevation gain of 1,300 feet at RMNP

No running, but at least I spent a little time moving! Actually, being sickly this week turned out pretty good – I would have been pressed for time to get my runs in anyway since we had family visiting.

Chris, Jim, Kelley, Dennis, Ethan
…the only photo I have of the whole family…

My initial plan was to start out Week 11 with a wimpy run – anything to get me back to running. Well, on Monday afternoon I fell asleep at 4pm. Yup, 4pm rolled around and I was out. I did get up at 8pm to feed the cat, brush the fuzz of my teeth and take out some extra dry contacts but then I crawled right back into bed!

The next time I rolled out of bed it was 6am…on Tuesday…and I’d slept through a solid 13+ hours. I felt pretty darn amazing. And a little useless – I had stuff that needed to be done on Monday, tyvm. Very important stuff, like this post and laundry. Okay, so I needed the sleep and it felt awesome to finally get it!

Today I attempted my first run after 12 days of recouping and it wasn’t horrible. It definitely wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t horrible. I would run about a mile then walk my way through a coughing fit…this was repeated three times before I called it a day. I’m actually really glad I left anything resembling a watch at home or I may have burst into tears after a single glance at the all knowing number!

Honestly, about 97.3% of the reason I left the house for a run was to find out if the smoke from the wild fires was visible from our area. I didn’t see much that looked specifically like smoke but the whole area was hazy. No photos from me; however, most every news website has hundreds of photos like this posted:

photos kidnapped from 9News {page 1 & page 2}
more viewer photos available at TheDenverChannel {
page 1 & page 2}

Turns out a prescribed fire got out of control on Monday afternoon and has been wreaking havoc on the forests of Jefferson County {the county we live in, although we are about 15 miles away as the crow flies} ever since. At the moment no part of the fire is contained and it has burned over 4,000 acres with about 900 homes evacuated and thousands more on stand by. The photos are just devastating.

On a happier not, when Chris got home from work we headed out for a bike ride and unfortunately it wasn’t much different than the run – lots of coughing. Luckily I might have a potential solution.

A bloggy/tweety friend Lynne mentioned she is having the same coughing issues that are apparently being blamed on allergies. Guess I’m going shopping for some allergy meds…tomorrow…right after I clock another 14 hours of sleep. I’m only half kidding about that!


Marathon{ish} Monday{ish}–Wk 10: Zero, Zilch, Zippo — 8 Comments

    • I’ve never had major allergies before – at least not legit-ly diagnosed allergies. If this crap is allergies then I hate them and feel for anyone who has had to endure them for years! And asthma?! Gah, I feel sorry for you! Enjoy the treadmill time… :S

    • I guess the weather is starting to calm down and they are hoping to get the fire under control today. There was some stuff on the news about how this smoke is making allergies act up like crazy. I can’t smell the smoke but its a real possibility!

  1. you ran! yay! i had a coughing fit during the first few minutes of yoga today – so much so that I had to leave the room!

    i’m glad you’re feeling a bit better! and even being sick – you got out and got active – that’s great!

    hopefully the zyrtec/allegra/claritin will knock the last part of your cough out like it’s doing for me!
    lynne @lgsmash recently posted..Fitness: AllergiesMy Profile

    • The coughing fits are horrible! I had a few really bad ones during the avalanche training this weekend and it was so annoying to have to stop and just cough then gasp… I visited Walgreens for some Allegra this morning – still coughing but not quite so often. If the coughing is still horrible after my 5 day pack is gone I’ll probably get responsible and find a doctor! Hopefully everything with allergies gets better when the fire dies down and everything is done budding/blooming!

  2. Sounds like you needed the rest! Don’t feel bad about missing a few miles. You’re fit, you’ll be okay to pick up where you left off on your training plan.
    I’ve said it 10,000 times, but I love your photos of Colorado!
    steena recently posted..18 Miles, Fun, and a PokeMy Profile

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