Poor Plastic Pile…

Workout Wanda…may have died…oops.

This here is a story about what happens to the plastic pile that I own when I stop loving it. I swear this is still a “running blog” but I just kind of suck at running right now so I’m pretending to be a mechanic. Also, you should know that after this entire story played out my car stopped grinding and started ting-ting-ing. Should probably find a real mechanic…

Rather than run on Saturday I decided to sleep in for a bit and fix this little issue with my car. You see, my brakes have been grinding for a while. It wasn’t a slow process of tiny grinds or slowly worsening brakes – or at least not any sounds that were noticeable over the radio or clunking grill in my trunk. Whoops!

About a month ago we took the front tires off to take a look see and it was pretty obvious my rotors were shot meaning my brake pads were probably goners. Being the lazy slacker that I am I decided “hey, they are already crap, might as well wait a little longer…” and kept on driving. Whoops!


Lately the grinding was getting worse. Worse as in bad enough to hear over the blaring country music. Double whoops! I finally decided to become a responsible car owner and actually fix the problem rather than just turn the radio up.

Due to the fact that I have a super awesome job that pays me just enough money to be considered a kinda-sorta-well-paid college kid and the fact my car is a plastic Saturn I went cheap. And by “cheap” I mean…I was going to do it myself. Well, with a little help from Chris!

A trip to O’Reilly Auto Parts got me all the tools I needed and before long my not-so-beloved pile of plastic was up on a jack with the driver’s side tire ripped off.  There was a lot of trial and error involved for the driver’s side…

I got some mixed information about exactly how my rotor was attached to the car. It wasn’t until after I used some of my wimpy elbow grease and then whined for Chris’s help to get the nut off did I realize that the axle nut can stay put. Go figure.


Rather than putting all of my body weight into tugging off a massive nut {twss!} I really just needed slice up my finger tips unscrewing the stupidest things every invented. Go figure… I have no clue what they are called but my goodness…annoying! The little metal do-dads were sharp and nearly impossible to remove. Awesome.

Eventually I got everything all ripped apart only to realize that the parts store gave me the wrong sized brake pads – great news when your car is not exactly drivable! Oh, and I realized just how badly worn down my brake pads were…one pad was even cracked. Not good.


I drove around town in Chris’s car and eventually came up with the right sized brake pads. Along the way I took a rotor back to O’Reilly’s to see if they could resurface it…they laughed at me! Then said they could take if off my hands for people to practice on. Triple whoops!


Moral of the story – change your brakes before they grind. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper and so much easier to change just brake pads! I should probably consider taking my own advice…


In other news, today is April Fool’s Day in case you live under a rock. I didn’t pull a single prank on anyone which I find to be rather sad. Thinking up pranks is too hard…and I’m lazy. However, the internet world was apparently hoping with April Fool’s stuff. My favorite? The AdBlock’s ads for the day…cats!

AdBlocks + Chrome = Awesome.

And not to be out done by random cat photos floating around the internet Fred was on a roll today. After Fred contorted himself into odd positions for a very public bath he sat by the patio door and gave me some puppy dog eyes while meowing his little heart out. I was a big ol’ meanie and won’t let him outside so he made friends with a random critter that made its way inside…

Fred vs Spider

Fred was within inches of taking down the spider but in the end neither won…Fred gave up on the spider and then I murdered it in cold blood. Any spider in my house is doomed dead unless Chris gets to it first! And this little bugger made his way into the house all on his own…unlike the grub Fred carried in the other day. Or the grasshopper he tried to make friends with!

Happy April Fool’s Day!
{don’t take any pranks too personal…you probably deserved them!}

Random Fact: Not sure what I’m going to do when Picnik is gone…in only 18 days!


Poor Plastic Pile… — 12 Comments

  1. Oh! Check out PicMonkey.com– practically the same as Picnik! They don’t have the collage feature yet but they say it is coming soon. Everything works almost just as good!

    I’m impressed you can do that with your car! My Pathfinder is 12 years old so stuff is just starting to HAPPEN…. and it kinda costs me a lot. I keep wishing I knew what the heck I was doing!
    Heather@Just a Colorado Gal recently posted..Bikram Yoga Sweat SeshMy Profile

    • PicMonkey = my new friend!

      I’m definitely not great with my car – promise you my mom’s side of the family would be ashamed of how little love I give my car, but I know the basics. It comes in handy, and really makes me miss having a garage – paying for oil changes is just annoying! I’m not sure what to do with the ting-ting, probably going to have to pay for that!

  2. My brakes are currently the bane of my existence. Chris changed the front brakes a few months ago. All was well, and then something started squeaking again. I assumed it was the back brakes. I dealt with it for a while but it started getting louder. Soo Chris spends $130 this wknd to replace my back brakes, which he says didn’t even need to be changed, AND something is still squeaking. I’m about to lose my mind. I HATE that noise. .. lucky me, he is out of town until Thursday so i get to deal with the squeaking for 4 more days.

    • Cars…suck. I now understand why so many people use just the bus around here! I hate it when you can’t find the stupid problem! Its so freaking annoying – especially if you have to pay someone to figure it out!

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