A Rocky Ride

There is a bit of a competition going on between Chris and my mom. Somehow a conversation about biking led to a competition to see who could hit the highest miles between March 15th and October 15th. My role is to be the “Who Can Bike Further” competition commissioner but somehow I’ve gotten roped into covering miles with Chris.

We’ve spent a lot of time at Bear Creek already this year so on Friday we decided to go out to see if we could get onto some of the trails we had seen people on while driving up into the mountains. We found a few parking lots, scoped out the area, noticed “no bikes” signs and moved out until we came to the Stegosaurus Lot just past Morrison.

The route we stumbled upon started out uphill and rolled its way into some rolling rocks. No big deal, nothing I haven’t survived before. However, about a half mile into the ride things got interesting. Chris saw it as a good challenge. I saw it as potential death…


We kept on moving forward. In most cases trails will have short little sections of technical riding then go back to being ride-able for wimps like myself. This trail decided to prove that theory wrong. The rock gardens continued…


I quickly re-confirmed the fact that I do not like riding in rock gardens. I just don’t. I can’t pick out lines to follow and when I pretend to look for a line to follow all I see is blood knees and broken elbows! I’m just no good at them…which led to a lot of hiking the bike. And it wasn’t entirely because I was a major wimp – Chris spent some quality time pushing his bike along too. Especially when the rock gardens met up with log climbs…

We came upon an uphill of never ending log climbs and the first words out of Chris’s mouth were “you have to be a freak of nature to ride this!”. As if called by name a guy rode his way right up the trail and all the log climbs right after we finished hiking them. And he made it look easy without collapsing at the top gasping for breath. Freak. Of. Nature.


Just pushing our bikes up the log climbs was intense. Heck, hiking my bike for two miles should count as its own version of a workout – my arms definitely felt the pain today! And before anyone chimes in about how this probably isn’t a mountain bike trail and we are idiots…well, we might be idiots but it is a mountain bike trail. We saw other bikers out there completely dominating. It was impressive!

I decided that if anyone asked my bike was having chain issues – something about a loopy link – which would explain my walking. If Chris happened to be walking along at that time then he was just being the awesome husband hanging out with his wimpy wife and her “broken” bike. Luckily no on asked…


For a while we considered turning around but we’d made it so far…might as well keep going, right?! In the two miles we were on the trail I didn’t get much riding done but since Chris also had to spend a little time walking through the toughest part I actually had fun. I wasn’t feeling rushed and I had the time to really take in everything around me – it was beautiful!

When we were both walking our bikes along some technical rock gardens perched atop a sheer drop off Chris mentioned that this would be a great place to go hiking with my mom on her next visit and of course he was right – the scenery was beautiful, as a hike it wasn’t too difficult and it was close to home! So Mom, book your flight, we have more stuff planned for you already!


Eventually the trail brought us down to cross over Alameda/Dinosaur Ridge before continuing up the next rocky foothill…we stuck to the road. Of course it would have been too easy for the stretch of downhill on Dinosaur Ridge to led us right back to our car – instead it lead us to a 1.5 mile uphill that our car was parked on top of.

Honestly, the steady uphill on the pavement wasn’t that bad – I kind of enjoyed it in a weird way. On the drive home – yes, we called it a day after only 4 miles – Chris mentioned how much that uphill on the road sucked. He said he would rather climb 4 miles uphill on single track than that 1.5 miles uphill on pavement…don’t think he will be buying a road bike anytime soon!

Instead he is “doing research” on a lefty front fork and keeps talking about a full suspension bike. So much for summer being cheaper than winter and snowboarding…

Anywho, when we got home Chris looked the trail up online. Turns out we were riding the Dakota Ridge trail…which is ranked as “advanced” and “technical”. That would explain/justify all the walking I got to do! I have no desire to ride technical trails but Chris is already talking about heading back up there to work on his skills. Crazy man…out to prove why I insist that he had a RoadID strapped to his handle bars!


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  1. Yikes! Way to scary for me! I’d also be scared of bloody knees, broken elbows, and broken skulls! I’m a skeerdy cat! … all sports are expensive – summer/winter .. Thankfully Chris sticks w/ the same thing year round, but fishing stuff adds up quickly – Every other sentence out of his mouth is about how he wants a “real” boat.
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    • Even running isn’t cheap anymore! There is so much cool stuff to have! Although I am working on fine tuning my one inexpensive hobby – watching hours of Netflix! 😉

    • Yeah. Nearly died. I definitely milked my fake chain issue for all it was worth, even though no one asked! Would much rather run that than ride it…too many cliffs to topple over!

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