FINE…I’ll run a marathon!

Saturday’s Workout Wanda: A 13.1 mile run with Kathy at Cherry Creek Park. Finished with a time of 2:24:15 which puts it at a solid 11:00 pace!
Sunday’s Workout Wanda: Zilch…decided to make a rest day out of it!

For the past few weeks and especially the past few days I’ve been seriously reconsidering the idea of bailing on the Fargo Marathon. Well, half bailing…dropping down to the half marathon. If you haven’t noticed by my lack of posts even remotely related to running there has not been a lot of running going on in my life. Not exactly a good thing when you are 9, 10 and 11 weeks into marathon training. Whoops.

The idea of running 13.1 miles rather than 26.2 miles became more and more appealing. Thirteen miles is attainable, twenty-six miles is crazy talk. Training for a half marathon is time consuming, full marathon training becomes life consuming. All this thinking had me psyching myself out of running at all. Not good. Not good at all!

I was struggling to get myself outside to run. Running was becoming work and I don’t exactly like work. I prefer fun and stuff. Then I got an email from Kathy about a long run this weekend. She is training for a June marathon in Alaska…which sounds much more exciting than a marathon in North Dakota!

…open space…city scape…mountain views…

We met up at Cherry Creek and headed out for a 12 mile run…that turned into a half marathon. Being the responsible one Kathy had the route all planned out with maps and everything. My contribution was a Garmin that I used to talk us into an extra 1.1 miles at the end. Never said I was a very good running partner…

Going in we didn’t have any real time goals – just a successful, ego boosting completion. I seriously needed a good, solid run that would let me get myself back together mentally. This run did the trick.

{photo courtesy of Kathy!}

The miles literally flew by. I hate it when people talk about “miles just flying by” while talking about long runs but when you have someone to chat with the time and miles really do tick away. And chat we did. It is amazing just how many topics you can cover over the course of 13 miles, although I’m afraid some of my chatter got a bit delusional as the run progressed!

As we neared 12 miles I was getting sick of running. My feet were tired, my hamstrings were feeling Friday’s uphill bike {pathetic and wimpy but true}, my lips were begging for chapstick and I was fantasizing about Noodles & Company. But I was running and didn’t hate it – I was tired of it, but I didn’t hate it. That’s when I decided I’d suck it up an run the Fargo full marathon.

Yes, I’m running Fargo. If you haven’t been living in my head lately this probably seems like old news. To me – who actually does live in my head – this was revelation. That is just how serious I was about dropping down to the half marathon! This run cured me…for the time being!

Ultimately it came down to the fact that I want a redemption marathon and I don’t want to go through the first 10+ weeks of training again. I’ll run Fargo but I think it is safe to say that Fargo will be my last full marathon. I’m thinking Jena is onto something and half marathons is where its at. Although she did just sign up for the Space Coast Marathon! Crazy talk, but I’m ridiculously excited for this internet stranger to take on a full marathon!

And I’m tired and running out of things to say about this run so I’ll leave you with this…IMAG0537
…the biggest “in the wild” snake I’ve seen to date!
{that is a normal sized man-hole lid & the snake’s head is doubled back up toward the top}

Quick add on – forgot to mention that this half marathon/long run was part of the Jelly Bean Virtual Race! That is the reason we tacked on the extra 1.1 miles at the end. Well, that and the bragging rights of “yah, just ran a half marathon”. Here is a quick photo I took with my virtual {literally} bib…


So for exactly $0 I ran three races this week. I wasn’t exactly racing them but I am giving myself credit for it and feeling awfully proud of my money saving ways!


FINE…I’ll run a marathon! — 12 Comments

    • Its weird about how it all just ebbs and flows…one day running is the reason I breath, the next week I wish I didn’t know what a pair of runner shoes were! Keep at it…you’ll find love again! 😉

  1. Agree, it is life consuming. Weekends revolve around that long run, you’ve got to make sure you’re constantly nourishing yourself, strength training, etc. Glad you had a good running partner and that you’re sticking with it.
    steena recently posted..Metal MouthMy Profile

  2. Half marathons are definitely where it’s at! So much easier to train for – well, I don’t know that for sure, since I haven’t started marathon training yet, (ah!) but i’m going to go ahead and assume it’s easier .. That said, my full training plan is still only running 4 days a week, which is what I did for all of my halfs. I know the long runs are going to be longer (duh) but the week day runs are 4,6 & 6 … sooo, that’s not bad. Basically now I do some 5’s & 4s.

    We’ll see. and thanks for being ridiculously excited for me to run a full.. At least one of us is excited 😉

    Oh..and running w/ someone is a billion times better than long-running alone. Long runs are my absolute favorite because I have the group to run with.
    Jena recently posted..let’s call it a wash, and start over next weekMy Profile

    • It sounds like you’ve had some great runs with the groups – I should seriously consider checking out Saturday run groups. I know the local running store that host the Wednesday runs I do also has a weekend run…should probably check that out!

      I really am excited to see how awesome you do in the full. Its not easy but I think you’ve got in, since I know so very much about you and all! 😉

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