Marathon Monday–Wk 11 & 12: Okay, I’ll run…

Workout Wanda: Ran about 4 miles on the trails, untimed. Rediscovered why I take Allegra every morning – I skipped today and regretted it!

Guess what?! Its Monday. Which has been messing with my head all day. I usually work Sunday thru Wednesday…today I had off work. I didn’t know what to do with myself. So, I did nothing. Very productive!

By about 4pm I was sick of doing nothing productive so without even really thinking about it I pulled on some running clothes and headed out. It felt good. Well, the run didn’t feel that great but being able to spontaneously go for a run, just because. Technically it was a training run for Fargo but I was running for fun! Thank you Kathy for the ego booster of a run!

The run wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t stellar. The biggest issues involved nearly invisible flying insects that stick to sweaty foreheads and get sucked down the airway. Gnats. I ran on a trail along a creek and repeatedly ran through swarms of gnats. Gross.

On top of that it became very obvious that if I plan on running outside I should remember to take my allergy meds in the morning. I’m totally becoming one of those people that constantly complains about allergies but I’ve never had to deal with this before – it kind of sucks! I forgot the meds this morning and just a half mile into my run I could feel my throat getting tight. Great. I toughed it out but I’ll be remembering the allergy meds!

Here is a quick peek at the last two weeks and what happened. Please note how the “scheduled” part of the plan is non-existent…that is me giving up without actually giving up. Since I took about three weeks off from real training the rest of my plan is a whole new work in progress – yay for flexibility?!


Week 11…
Monday: Rest Day…?
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles on trails, untimed
Wednesday: Ran 4 miles on trails, untimed
Thursday: Ran 1.5 miles on the TM + 1.5 hours of snowboarding at Keystone
Friday – Sunday: Rest/Slack Days!

Week 12…
Monday: Rest Day!
Tuesday: Ran 3.1 miles on trail in 28:33, pace of 9:06 – Jelly Bean Race
Wednesday: Ran 6.2 miles with speed work in 56:11, pace of 9:01 – Jelly Bean Race
Thursday: A full hour of snowboarding at Keystone!
Friday: Mountain biked/walked my bike over technical trails, 4 full miles
Saturday: Ran 13.1 miles with Kathy at Cherry Creek in 2:24, pace of 11:00 – Jelly Bean Race
Sunday: Rest Day!

This past week was a good week. It was perfect but it was good. I didn’t feel forced to run and even without a single glance at anything related to a training plan I managed to come within 3 miles of a pseudo schedule – not bad. Should have done all the math on Sunday than headed out for that last 3.6. Too bad my couch and Netflix were busy keeping me busy!

I am now down to just six more weeks of marathon training…then I’ll run 26.2 miles, do my best to enjoy it and walk away from the distance, for good. Probably. Or maybe not. We’ll see. At the very least I think there will be a stern post in the form of an open letter to myself with detailed information on why I’ll never be a long distance runner, even if I’ve been bitten by the marathon bug!


Marathon Monday–Wk 11 & 12: Okay, I’ll run… — 9 Comments

  1. Ahh!! You can do it. I haven’t done a marathon yet, but I have a feeling that’s what my relationship will be… once or twice than kiss it goodbye. Your training tracking is so inspirational!!
    Corrie Anne recently posted..Ya Me VoyMy Profile

    • I’m jealous of the people that can be all hardcore and run then like crazy people…but I just can’t do that! It gets…boring! And you’ll do great when you take on the marathon – you’re crazy and dedicated like that! 😉

  2. Evil knats! They’re awful. I know marathon training just daunting, but I’m sure once you cross that finish in Fargo you’ll be glad you stuck with the full 26.2. Hope the next 6 weeks go great!
    Lisa recently posted..Updates and SuchMy Profile

    • If I could manage to keep my base running up and didn’t require 18 weeks of training I think a full would be much more bearable – I obviously burn out something fierce around week 10…something to consider if I go after another full!

  3. Good going on the spontaneous run! I had today off, and uh.. I just sat. On my sofa. You win!
    I also said I didn’t want to run another marathon during my training in 2010. I think everyone is very different as to why they keep going back for more, but it’ll be interesting to see how you feel after you do it.
    steena recently posted..Metal MouthMy Profile

    • Maybe this race will go much better than my last full and I’ll completely forget about the mental frustration I had to deal with…? That would probably make me hand over my credit card for another full…

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