Marathon Monday–Wk 13: Survival…

Workout Wanda: Nothing…it’s a rest day. Technically could be an easy run day but I’m exhausted, completely exhausted! Not wake up to alarm exhausted.

And…I am down to five weeks until the marathon. I’m feeling a little better about it. Not amazing, but better. I’ve managed to cover all of 17 miles. It wasn’t a blasty but I survived. Unfortunately it did not make me very excited to run 26.2 miles. Another 9 miles would have had me in tears yesterday – but I would have made it…probably, maybe, I hope.

Also, I figured out I’m rather slow. I mean, I’ve never been super fast or anything but let me just put this into perspective real quick.

Yesterday I ran 13.1 miles…in 2:12:34.

Today Wesley Korir ran 26.2 miles…in 2:12:40.

I was proud of the fact I survived the half marathon that was part of my 17 mile training run. Wesley Korir won the Boston Marathon and walked away with fame and all sorts of other cool stuff. Yes, he ran a full marathon only 6 seconds slower than my half marathon.

{yeah, I get that he is a dude, trained like crazy and has some awesome genetics…just making a comparison, I’m not completely delusional!}

But enough about how people who get paid to run are so very much faster than me, lets focus on what I can pretend to be good at…covering a little distance. Even with what felt like a mediocre week of running I managed to run a few decent miles. I even made it 0.2 miles over my scheduled distance! And no, I did not fudge the schedule to make myself look good…


Monday: Ran 4ish miles, no Garmin, untimed.
Tuesday: Ran 3ish miles, no Garmin, untimed.
Wednesday: Rest day…
Thursday: Ran 4.5 miles on single track in 51:27, pace of 11:26.
Friday: Ran 1.5 miles, no Garmin, untimed.
Saturday: Rest day…and some packing!
Sunday: Platte River Half Marathon in 2:12:34, pace of 9:59…plus 4 miles of a “warm up”.

Doesn’t look super amazing but it’s a whole heck of a lot better than what happened during Week 10…and Week 11…and part of Week 12. I’m a bit of a slow learner but apparently in order to train for a race that involves running you actually have to run. Who knew.

I’m kind of liking this running without a Garmin – I run routes I know pretty well so I know the mileage but don’t have a watch glaring at me if the numbers aren’t what some unknown smarty pants says they should be…right now I’m just trying to cover the distance. Honestly, the idea of leaving behind or at least turning off my Garmin half way through the actual marathon doesn’t sound like a horrible idea.

I’ve also gotten around to updating the Fargo Marathon training pageall training plans are posted, including the ones into the future so no faking it is allowed. Only five weeks left – I should probably take this training thing seriously. I need a decent marathon this time around so I don’t need another redemption marathon!

And just in case you could care less about the running going on in my life and are pining away for the snow that has vanished I’ve finally posted all the details on the avalanche training we did in March – Day 1 and Day 2. Check it out, you might get kinda, sorta smart…just like me!


Marathon Monday–Wk 13: Survival… — 11 Comments

  1. You can’t look at other people’s finish times and compare them to your long TRAINING runs. Long runs are meant to be slow. Plus, you’ll just drive yourself crazy comparing yourself to other finish times.
    The long runs are tough, and you’re getting tougher completing them!
    steena recently posted..Who are you really racing?My Profile

  2. Hey,hey, 30 mile week!! I know the feeling of just wanting a race to “hurry up & get here.” Hope these weeks go fast, and you have some awesome training runs.

    • I am so looking forward to the week after the marathon…when I can forget how to run for a bit and spend more time hiking/biking/sitting. Actually, right now I should be spending less time sitting and more time running…

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