Marathon Monday–Wk 14: Moving…by the numbers

So, remember last Monday when I was flaunting the mental battle I won during my solid 17 mile run? Yeah, let’s just focus on that right now because this Monday’s marathon training recap is going to be a lot more…cushioned, to say the least. This week we’ll just look at numbers.

I managed to run a whopping FOUR miles. That means I am approximately TWENTY ONE miles short from what I scheduled on the plan I publicly flaunted last week. Oops.


During our move ONE mile down the road and up THREE flights of stairs the Garmin says I hauled our junk a total of FOUR miles. With the SIX TRILLION trips up the FOURTY stairs to our new apartment I think that counts as an EIGHT mile run. It may have taken SIX hours but it wore me the frick out!

…one mile worth of hauling got me this…

I’d like to be able to accurately tell you that we gained exactly ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED THIRTY EIGHT feet in elevation with the move to the THIRD floor but I cannot because my Garmin hates me. It was on the entire day; however, it refused to calculate elevation. It will tell me my average heart rate was NINETY NINE and that I burned SEVEN HUNDRED FOURTY calories during the move but it will tell me nothing about the elevation. Annoying.

However, you should know that made up elevation gain I just threw out there is actually kinda sorta accurate. It took me TWO miles of walking to move everything out of our old apartment on the FIRST floor…half on my own, half with Chris {who decided to break his crown and sit in the dentist chair rather than help move, sneaky little turd!}. Therefore the remaining TWO miles of the day would have happened during the move into the new place.  A little test run plus some math got me this…

Apartment to Car to Apartment = 0.06 miles
Car to Apartment = 0.03 miles
Total Miles Covered to Unload = 2 miles
Height of All Apartment Ceilings = 9 feet
Apartments Climbed Above = 2 apartments
Approximate Trips Taken Without Garmin = 25 trips {13 were legitimately counted, additional 12 tossed in}

2 miles / 0.03 miles = 66 trips up the stairs
66 trips + 25 guestimated trips x (2 apartments x 9 foot ceilings) = 1,638 feet gained

Don’t look too closely – my math may be faulty. If you want you can just pretend I’m super hardcore and go with an elevation gain of SIX THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED FOURTY TWO…because that’s about how my body felt the next day! But we now have a view of the foothills!


Come Friday morning I realized I had TWO very sore arms and TWO hips with mysterious bruises – apparently hauling things around on the not-so-child-bearing hips that I have will bruise them. Ouch. Also, my arms, calves and shins have about THIRTY SIX bruises. Give or take. Basically I look like I lost a fight.

…fine, the hike up the stairs was worth it…

We run over approximately SIX small children every time we drive into our new place. This is according to a leasing agent at an apartment complex we toured {not the one we signed a lease with}. Technically I think they are called speed bumps… I casually commented on the EIGHT GAJILLION speed bumps in Colorado on the apartment tour with this dude explaining that Wisconsin has very few speed bumps. He then replied “What do you do? Run over children?”. Yeah, exactly that. Obviously the Midwesterly people are more intelligent when it comes to driving the speed limit and avoiding children in the road and don’t require help from annoying humps of asphalt. Seriously hate speed bumps.

And that is all I have. Well, I have about EIGHT HUNDRED FOURTY THREE other random fake facts floating around in my head but for the time being it should probably all stay there. And I should go for a run…for a change. I seriously suck at this training thing, no one should ever follow my example!


Marathon Monday–Wk 14: Moving…by the numbers — 18 Comments

  1. Regarding your comment on my blog….BE CAREFUL snowboarding (and thank you for not calling me a wimp for not skiing :^) ).

    Moving should count as multiple miles. It sucks that much! You’ll be back on the horse, I’m not worried. :^)
    Terzah recently posted..Injury Loves CompanyMy Profile

  2. i think u still deserve some trickle down congrats for that last awesome long run. 😉 there is always the ‘life junk factor’ to take into account for anything training, and for crazy instances like that u have to be flexible a bit and don’t be so hard on urself. one week of off training, in the big picture, isn’t going to ruin u. it’s consistency and overall that matters…so great job on the move and here’s to this week’s training…no looking back. :)

  3. wow can not wait to see it all. Chris is crazy thinking it is not a mountain view because of the objects in the way. Hope fred gets to liking the balcony.

    • Half way through Chris asked if I thought starting a moving company would be a good idea… 😐 Um, no!
      Running has gotten hard, or maybe I’m just wimpy. But only a few weeks left!

    • Moving is just so much tedious work! I’m putting off unpacking what we don’t desperately need just because I’m so sick of touching cardboard! Have fun in July! 😉

  4. LOL @ the speed bumps – Random Story: I lived in an apt when I was 19-20 and I was driving through the complex (not speeding, just driving) and this kid darted out from in between two cars, and I was THIS close to hitting him. OMG it scared the crap out of me- I cried, he cried, we all cried. It was horrifying.

    Glad you’re move was successful – bummer about all the steps – but i can sort of feel your pain – We live in a stilt home so everything has to be taken up the stairs. so annoying.

    • Oh wow – yeah, I probably would have cried too! Thats terrifying!

      I’m hoping we get used to the steps…right now we debate over what groceries we actually need because we don’t want to make more than one trip up the steps – I guess that means we’ll save money on groceries… 😉

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