Settling In

Cat Haters Beware – this entire post is about how our cat – Fred – is settling into our new place. If you aren’t much of a cat person don’t hate just scan the photos or skip over this post. I promise to be back with running/biking stuff later. Promise.

Fred has survived the move! He was very leery in the beginning and with good reason. The last time I tossed all our hanging clothes in baskets and wrapped them in a plastic garbage bag he had to suffer through a 18 hour car ride! This time it was easier…just a few minutes down the road! He still wasn’t happy about it and to show his distain for us he hid under the kitchen sink while we moved everything in. We’d check on him every few trips and he’d just glare at us…

As soon as we started to actually unpack and the door stopped slamming open and closed Fred decided to grow a pair and come out to explore. Before long he was a full blown Captain Snifferton. He pranced from one room to another sniffing everything with his eyes darting from side to side and his ears twitching. He was on high alert! Not sure what he was expecting to find but he sure was searching…


…it didn’t take him long to find food. He sniffed around until he found the food then gave me the kitty cat guilt trip until I opened it up – smart cat. Although I think he may have lost some of his smart cat cred when he followed the swirl of the flushing toilet the entire time it sucked down. Literally, his head bobbed in circles – silly cat.


But he seemed happy. Fred lost his hatred for Chris and actually choose to curl up next to Chris rather than me. Chris credits the sun and its healing Vitamin D for Happy Pants Fred. At the new place Fred has a fancy little perch that gets him direct sun all afternoon! When he first found this beloved sunlight he spent about five minutes rolling around purring!

Fred soaking up the sun–TURN UP THE VOLUME, you’ll be able to hear him purring his heart out!


Yeah…I think its safe to say he likes the new place! He hasn’t quite figured out how he feels about the balcony. At the old apartment he’d spend hours outside eating grass {and dog poop, stupid cat} or chasing down grasshoppers but the balcony seems to confuse him. He’ll tiptoe out onto the balcony then sniff around but he doesn’t spend much time out there. However, he has figured out that annoying yapping dogs can’t get to him. Fred will stretch his neck out through the railings and just stare down this really annoying dog that gets “walked” nearby! Snobby, entitled cat!

Fred talking kitty cat smack!

It is pretty obvious Fred is happy with his new digs. Actually, in just a few days he is a heck of a lot happier than he was at the other place. I have no idea why but apparently this cat has some pretty strong opinions. Should probably take him to check out the next place we consider moving into…or not. I’m not that crazy, yet.


Fred has also been taking his sleeping very seriously. When I first started typing up this post {two days ago, don’t judge, I have boxes to unpack!} Fred stretched himself out on the couch next to me. Literally stretched himself out, fully length. Every few minutes he’d stretch a little further. He seems to take his cat naps very seriously. Then yesterday morning I woke up to Fred tucked in between the wall and my pillow. Weirdo. Also, does that pillow photo not make you think of the Geico/Panther commercial?! Should I be afraid…?


And for anyone who could honestly careless about our cat and how he is doing in the new place I leave you with this one last photo that is less about the cat and more about the mountains. See those lumpy things?! Foothills! I think I’m kind of over the pain the move put me through,the view is worth it!

Side Note: I swear to all things wonderful that I am not a crazy cat person. At least not yet. Although I’m getting there. In my defense Chris took some of these photos and has contributed to the in-depth discussions about why Fred happens to like this place better than the last. So at the very least we are crazy cat people…its not just me!


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  1. Aw, I’m glad that Fred likes his new pad. I miss having cats – cuddling while they’re purring is the best. And I could be classified as a crazy dog lady with all the pictures I take of our pooches. Travis always mocks me.
    Kathy recently posted..Handpicked by LoveMy Profile

  2. Crazy cat lady! 😉

    I have moved cats before, two of them, three times. We did one twelve hour move to Indiana and just barely escaped disaster. I was pulling a trailer (turns out that your empty light is much more urgent while pulling a trailer) and ran out of gas in Nowhere, Ohio when it was 100+ degrees out. I couldn’t decide if I should carry nearly 30 lbs of cat with me to get gas, leave the windows down with all of my worldly possessions in the car, or leave the cats with the windows up and hope that the survived. I compromised by leaving just the sun roof open and running for gas. Ugh. Stressful day.
    Brit recently posted..Running through waterMy Profile

    • Oh wow. Yeah, that would be hard! When we moved to CO we did leave Fred in the car for about an hour while we stopped for a real meal after a night of driving. It was about 80* outside and I felt insanely guilty, although the windows were cracked and he really was fine. That run to the gas station would have sucked!

  3. Fred sure is entertaining. Coco loves to be outside and wakes me up to let her out. For some reason dhe likes the neighbors flowers better than her own and they are the same type of flowers. working nights this weekend

    • Well…Cherry Creek was on my list of races to do but I think I’m bailing on it. I haven’t paid yet and I just found a RMRR group run for only $25 that will get me my full 20 miles. I’m sad to miss out on the tshirts but I’m being cheap about it! Definitely see you at BLEND though!

  4. Aww he’s so cute. My dog has quite the little personality as well, so even men love him (he’s a small, puffy, white dog lol). All of us Denver folks should try to meet up at the Sneak tomorrow!
    Lena @Fit on the Rocks recently posted..My Trainer, The SadistMy Profile

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