Marathon Monday–Wk 15: Just Keep Moving Forward…

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I MISS Speedwork…Huh?!
My Bike Bones are Bruised
I Ran TWENTY Miles

This week its all about just moving forward…and not stopping. Well, the speedwork is about moving forward quickly and not slowing, but whatever, same basic concept, right? I’ll break it all down for you real quick – quick like a lame bunny who really isn’t all that quick. In other words, there are going to be a lot of words in this post, enjoy!

Speed Work…

After all that time I spent flaunting how super awesome and amazing my newfound running group is I’ve kind of been skipping out on runs with them. I have a whole slew of excuses that started out as legitimate “I’m sick” and became “but it’s the last night I get to sit on my couch at our first CO apartment…”. This Wednesday I kicked Excuse-Making Elma out and headed down for group speed work.

Turns out it was worth the trip! I ended up winning a fancy schmancy running top – albeit a little small but you always layer with a long sleeve anyways, right?! And who complains about the fit of a free zip up…that says you are a champion?! Not this chick!


The speed workout was something new to me. During the winter months we did most of our speed work on the paved trail around the lake right near the running store. This time we headed out to the soccer fields about 1.5 miles up the road which gave us a good warm up/cool down. Once we got to the field we did an orchestra workout…which I thought to be more of an accordion, but I just run, I don’t name the workouts.

Basically we ran a 3 loop zig zag with each leg getting longer and harder while recovering between the hardest and easiest leg {because that all makes so much sense!}. We ran it steady for 15 minutes and I’m assuming I got roughly 2 miles in, but really I just know I kept moving forward…rather quickly if I may say so myself! And I had fun, who knew that was possible with speed work!?

Biking at Buffalo Creek…

On Thursday morning we headed up to Buffalo Creek for some mountain biking. It was my first real ride on the mountain bike since snowboarding slowly melted away. Let’s just say I was a little nervous that Chris would leave me in the dust, literally. Lucky for me he decided he actually wanted my company so he put up with my slow, whiny ways.

We biked together on the main road for about 4.5 miles then we decided to figure out which route was faster – the steeper way I picked or the longer way he picked. We split up for about 3 miles then met up where the trails connected to finish off the ride. In the end he won, by about 45 seconds.


…although I think it is safe to say that my hill was bigger so I worked harder so I was the true winner. Or something egocentric and never-the-loser-eske like that! I had my Garmin on and Chris used MapMyRide on his phone. The graphs are similar enough but note my gain of 2,058 and his of 1,325. Kind of a big difference. Big enough to make me question the combined accuracy, but only a little since it makes me look better.

And just a side note – I have no idea why I was the one gunning for the harder climb. I’m supposed to be a big wimp when it comes to climbing. I’m supposed to be taking the easy way out…apparently I put on two pairs of big girl pants that morning because I was going for the big hill!

…one of my favorite parts of our rides at Buffalo Creek – where Sandy Wash meets Miller Gulch and Homestead…

By the end of the day I felt all sorts of accomplished. I darn near biked my way all the way up Baldy, one of the harder climbs at Buffalo Creek. There were a few times when my quads seriously considered projecting themselves from my skin but rather than stop for a breather I rolled off my bike and started walking it uphill. Sure, I wasn’t exactly biking but I kept moving – active recovery, or something like that. Once again, I just kept moving forward…and only lost the “race” by 45-ish seconds!

Twenty Miles…

Um, yeah. I ran 20 miles. That’s right, twenty miles. Yes, I know, I’m in marathon training and this is what happens. I also know that a marathon is 26.2 miles…I tried to ignore that fact during Saturday’s long run. I have a ton of thoughts and I learned a lot about myself and my psuedo-race day strategy during this run but I’ll save that all for later. Right now I have the important details.


I ran twenty miles. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I managed to survive and not hate running in the end. Finding a running group – Rocky Mountain Road Runners – hosting a mini race that was fully supported with water/gu/gatorade/kleenex was the best thing Google every did for me.

I wanted to stop running. I wanted to lay on the ground. I wanted to dunk my feet in the cold reservoir. But I didn’t. I ran. For twenty miles. Okay, I did walk every water stop but that’s it, nothing more. I kept moving forward. Oh, and I got myself a PR…which is completely legit because I paid money and got a bib! In September of 2009 I ran the Bear Water Run 20 Miler in 3:42:47, pace of 11:09. This weekend I ran the RMRR 20 Miler in 3:32:25, pace of 10:36. Not super fast but I’m not going to complain!

More on the 20 miler later, when my thoughts are all together and I get my hands on the photos taken. Yeah, that’s right, they took photos of everyone. Awesome group!


And since this is a very, very lengthy recap of my 15th week of marathon training I’ve tossed in the training chart. This has been and will be my highest mileage week for training. And even with my wimpy week of 8 miles this segment of training is also my highest mileage. I know some people run 60-70 miles in a week…I am definitely not one of those people! Crazy talk!

Now I am off to meet a bunch of bloggies for frozen yogurt. And not just random internet strangers – we’ll all be meeting up again this coming weekend for the BLEND retreat which just happens to be up the road in Boulder {a few hrs if traffic hates me…}. And I just happen to owe a certain someone some Whole Foods for letting me steal her ticket!


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  1. Nice job on the 20 miler!! You are gonna do so well at your marathon :)

    PS If you want to try a new (free) phone app for tracking distance, elevation, etc, Columbia just released one called GPS Pal. Because of all that stuff I do with them, I’ve tested it when it was in beta and I really liked it– you can pause it, etc, and take pics which it will geo tag later. AND I took it mountain biking and it worked great! :)
    Heather@Just a Colorado Gal recently posted..I’m Thinking of Registering a ComplaintMy Profile

    • I think I’ll check out that Columbia GPS app. I usually have my Garmin on or know the route pretty well so I can run X miles with my sports watch but some days I really don’t want to see the number – thats when this app would come in handy! Can’t see the phone screen in the sun anyway… Thanks!

    • I’m not a member, I just showed up on Saturday and paid $25 for the “race day”, non-member fee. Worth every penny. Everyone was super supportive and made me feel like I was a freaking rock star. I’ve looked at the membership but can’t get myself to commit with so many running stores hosting running groups for free…

    • Thanks! I probably would have mentally fallen apart without the group! Just knowing someone was waiting to hand me water in 2 miles made all the difference in the world!

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