Marathon Monday–Wk 16: Active Tapering

Saturday’s Workout Wanda: AM Bootcamp + 4ish mile hike with 1,125ft gain!
Sunday’s Workout Wanda: AM Bootcamp…more than enough!
Monday’s Workout Wanda: 10 minutes ellipticalling + 10 minutes biking + stretching

Let’s just say I am really glad I shoved my 11 mile run into Friday morning or it would not have happened…there was a lot going on and running was not one of those things. Instead I tried out a bootcamp for the first time ever, hiked up to the Royal Arch in Boulder, came back for a second bootcamp and stuffed my face. Oh, and I hung out with a bunch of bloggers!

{photo credit: Ashley McLaughlin, kidnapped from: Janetha}

It was a long weekend. A long, fun weekend where I got to meet a ton of new people. And not just any people…blogger people, people who write about life or food or running or whatever, just like me!

It was a great weekend with all sorts of excitement but I’m not exactly in the position to write a solid recap of the weekend. You see, I kind of didn’t take any photos. Honest. I went to a bloggy retreat and didn’t take a single photo…oops. But don’t worry, there were all sorts of cameras taking it all in, I’ll have a few soon!

Right now all I can focus about is how badly my poor glutes and hamstrings hurt. I don’t do bootcamp or lifting much and it has become very obvious. Seriously regretting a third floor apartment right now…leaving the house is painful!

I’m also exhausted. Exhausted to the point that I’m pretty sure I sucked at my job all day as forming a complete thought was almost painful. I should probably go to bed, but first here is a quick peek at my week of training…and tapering!


Lots of biking…apparently in my little world a lot of miles on the bike count toward running. Hey, they both use legs so it all evens out, right?! And honestly, my 4 mile hike should count as running, check out the elevation change…

{snagged from route search, not exact start/finish but same “summit”}

Yeah, that was one heck of a climb! To stick with my theme for the weekend my camera stayed in my back pack so for some photos of the hike check out Tiffany’s recap and photos! It really was a gorgeous hike but I wasn’t even a little bit prepared for all the stairs and climbing!


…and now I am off to bed and hopefully I end up sleeping as peacefully as this silly animal who thinks he needs to be up in my business all the darn time!


Marathon Monday–Wk 16: Active Tapering — 6 Comments

    • I kept dropping things at work…sometimes I just kicked them under the table so I didn’t have to actually squat down/bend over! But a bit of ellipticalling + stretching did the trick. At least I’m not winching with every move today! 😉

      Glad to meet you in person too! Now we’ll have to do it more often since its confirmed neither of us are serial killers…

    • In the beginning I was thinking “yeah, I’ll take my mom here!” and then I started the stairs that went on forever. She would have pushed me down the ravine if I took her up there! Its far more challenging than I expected, a lot like Twin Sisters Peak!

      My full is May 19th, the day before Colfax. Its going to be another big “ooh, all my bloggy friends are racing, can’t wait for updates/recaps” weekend!

  1. Haha – I hear you on the crazy soreness, I’m still feeling it too! I just switched up my evening working for a slightly flatter route, my poor lower body is still a little unhappy with me. :) It was so much fun though, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!
    Heather @ Better With Veggies recently posted..Cocktails + Cupcakes: Blended TogetherMy Profile

    • So glad I wasn’t the only one suffering! Its amazing how much a little moving then stretching can help! Although I should probably work some more strength training into my life…

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