Lunch Loop…yum!

After a rather short day of riding and a not so great night of sleep it isn’t surprising that Chris and his super amazing wife were not exactly biting at the bit to take on the day; however, they had forced Chris’s poor Subaru through hours of traveling with the “silly woman” behind the wheel. At the very least they had to make the trip worth it. Since they had left home with two bikes clamped onto the hood of the poor, abused Subaru it seemed appropriate for them to go biking…after another quick trip through the Colorado National Monument.

Without further ado here is another explosive photo bomb of photos to properly depict the experience. Some may groan when faced with so many silly, poorly taken photos but the whiners should focus on this fact: a photo is worth a thousand words. It could be much worse, remember that! Oh, and enjoy!


On Thursday when driving back to Fruita after our trip through the Colorado National Monument we drove by a trailhead of sorts where they seemed to be demoing bikes. Our interest was peaked but we were hungry and already had a hot date with the 18 Road Trails so we passed on by.

Then we accidently rode a few trails at 18 Roads so we had nothing to do on Friday…except check out this random place that looked to have a parking lot and single track. Of course we hadn’t been paying enough attention to get the name so we had nothing to go on. Regardless, we were feeling adventurous so off we went.

When we were checking out the trail map a local came up and started chatting about the trails. He recommended we take the main Tabeguache trail up then branch off from there. The map told me that took us to black diamonds. I may have survived black diamonds the day before but I was really hoping for an easier ride today…on the pretty little green circles I saw on the map. According to the local yocal those required a climb over the ridge. By the time you put all that work in you might as well just ride black diamonds…


The Tabeguache trail was marked as intermediate ride but looked to be a constant uphill. The uphill didn’t seem so bad but I was seriously struggling on my bike. I was tipping over on stuff I easily rode over the day before. I was frustrated and near tears after less than a mile of riding. I have no idea what it was about this trail but it wasn’t easy for me, at least not this time around! I was struggling, pissed off, hot and tired. Not a great combination…


Luckily {for me, unfortunately for him} Chris was also having issues with the ride. Maybe the uphill was affecting us more than we thought? Or maybe he was just playing the extra super awesome husband card and just telling me that to keep me from crying? Maybe, but probably not as he agreed to cut the ride short.


No, I didn’t ride through that little crevice, although I didn’t get all the way off my bike…I waddled. Even with waddling I still hit my helmet. Little did you know helmets are really worn to prevent brain damage from overhanging rocks!

Rather than continue on our way up Tabeguache and Pet-E-Kes we veered over to Raven Ridge which looked like it would take us along the ridge that overlooked the parking lot. After my ride on Zippity I really wanted to ride the ridge. Sure, its risky but this is public land, no matter how many disclaimers they put you they aren’t trying to kill you so as long as you stay on your bike and keep your tire pointed down the trail you’ll be fine…or something.

…the beginning of Raven Ridge, black diamond trail…

The Raven Ridge trail led us down to Kurt’s trail which would eventually get us back to the car. Both trails were along the ridge and ranked as black diamonds. After the insanely frustrating climb up an intermediate trail I was a teeny tiny bit concerned that I may die…or at least burst into angry tears…but this trail would get us back to the trail the fastest so I figured I could survive.


Honestly, the black diamond trails felt easier than the blue squares…maybe it really was the uphill that was killing me on Tabeguache? Up on the ridge the hardest part of the trails involved a few 6+ inch rock drops which I gladly walked and waddled over, no big deal. Before long the parking lot was gazing up at us, full of cars jealous of our little adventure up on the ridge!


The last little stretch took us through what I was hoping would be my favorite part of the day…a cute little trail named Kid’s Meal. Okay, there was nothing cute about it but the name but that didn’t keep me from getting high hopes. Then the first thing we saw on the trail was this sign…


Yup, this was going to be my kind of trail. I was going to be awesome. I tend to act like a small child so I’d probably rock at something called the Kid’s Meal, right?!

I was doing great…for the first 10 feet. Then a lizard darted out in front of me and I slammed on my brakes. My bike stopped but my body didn’t. Or my bike didn’t stop but my body did? Or I stopped pedaling and let my pedals hit rocks? Honestly, I have no clue what happened but I was avoiding a lizard when my bike toppled over and I went careening down the side of the ridge. Awesome.

Now, at the risk of making my horrific fall seem less badass I will say that I managed to stay on my feet the entire time, the bottom of this “ridge” was all of four feet down and I didn’t get a single scratch – not even from the rock the lodged in my shoe. So really, not that badass at all. Just a silly fall from a reptile loving idiot.

…Chris easily riding through what I just fell down on, show off…

I spent the entire weekend surviving black diamonds, scooting down hills and climbing up rock gardens without hurting myself {except for imprinting my pedal in my left shin…} but at the end of all riding I manage to fall off my bike on a kiddy run because of a stupid lizard. Seriously. I am just that talented.


So there it all is – a weekend worth of scenic photo bombs and plenty of words to go along with them. Chris’s spectacular wife whipped up a relaxing weekend of bonding and mountain biking, conjured the perfect weather and then provided much entertainment at her own expense. How could he ask for more?!

Turns out Chris is a little bit on the needy side and he did ask for more. He asked to take the long way home. As they drove through Summit County the temperatures dropped dramatically and there looked to be fresh snow! Unable to resist even the slightest hint of fresh snow Chris insisted upon driving up through Loveland Pass on the way back to Denver.


Luckily the weather gods were shining down upon Chris and he phenomenal wife, giving them a cloud show making the extra few miles worth the trip… The clouds were speedily roaming up, down and around the mountains like mysterious fog on a mission. With clouds that gorgeous a quick run up Loveland Pass was necessary!


The jaunt out of the car was quick and involved lots of running, panting and laughing hysterically as they were both dressed for the 85* weather of Fruita. A few minutes running about in 37* temps is said to be quite refreshing after a day of sweating…


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