Marathon Monday–Wk 17: …its almost here!

Saturday’s & Sunday’s Workout Wanda: relaxation + upper strength
Monday’s Workout Wanda: a measly 2 mile run, untimed

And we are officially in marathon week. Not quite as exciting at Courtney’s wedding week, but that ship has sailed, I’m already an old married woman! Remember last week when I said I wasn’t being attacked by the taper crazies?

Well, that is still the case when it comes to running…I am taking the “cut back on miles” thing very seriously. However, the crazy thoughts and psycho person planning are in full force. I have about six lists going on what needs to be packed…I might actually get packed before I’m supposed to be driving to the airport!

I’m still trying to figure out what my goals are, what I’m going to wear, what weather forecast to believe and what to eat the night before. I’ve never before in my life put this much planning into running a race, ever. I hope that means there is some real hope for this redemption marathon?

That being said there has not been a lot of running during this past week. I skipped out on two of my longer runs. Why? Because I didn’t want to run. My legs felt heavy, my head wasn’t feeling it and it started to suck…so I quit. That might not sound like the best mind set the week before a marathon but I decided I am going to save up all my “don’t stop, keep moving” brain juice mo-jo until I really need it on Saturday!


Besides, I wasn’t a completely lazy bum – I did quite a bit of biking and hiking to make up for my lost running miles! We took a mini road trip over to Fruita this past weekend that involved hiking around the Colorado National Monument, biking at the 18 Road and biking at the Lunch Loop. Yeah, I think that makes up for some of my skipped runs, right?!

Speaking of the little weekend trip, I’ve finally gotten around to putting forth the massive effort required to plug my garmin into the computer so here are some fancy elevation maps…

…18 Road Trails on Kessel, Front Side & Zippity Doo Dah…

…Lunch Loop on Tabegauch, Pet-E-Kes, Raven, Kurt’s & Kid’s Meal…

At least its pretty obvious why the relatively simple trail at Lunch Loop was difficult – it was a lot of climbing with a lot of little, rocky switch backs! Neither involved huge climbs but the downhill was always worth it. I’ll take the Front Range weather over the sandy desert of the west side but I’ll admit riding ridges is fun!

And as the crazy cat lady that I am I leave you with cat pictures. I can’t help it. Fred has been a complete nut lately. I think he is getting a “balcony cat” complex. He has taken to staring down the dog across the way and prances outside to watch dogs get walked by. Although today he did figure out that he isn’t invincible when a few birds stopped by to remind him… {Note how the patio door is open. Fred never left the couch playing right into “Fraidy Cat Fred”!}


…but even after the humiliation of being shown up by the rather loud feathered friends he had no problems taking on some rather awkward cat naps. Seriously, he has been ridiculous lately!

Oh, and just one more thing… In just FIVE days I will be a marathoner…again. Just sayin’


Marathon Monday–Wk 17: …its almost here! — 14 Comments

  1. Woohoo – my favorite & least favorite week of marathon training! Enjoy the rest this week, drink lots of fluids, and rock the marathon this weekend! :)
    Heather @ Better With Veggies recently posted..Drinks Throughout the DayMy Profile

    • I know – it feels like it just crept up on me all sneaky like! Hopefully my running mojo holds out – right now there is an abundance waiting to be put to use!

  2. Good luck, lady!

    I would say (1) Pack All The Things and (2) This will definitely be the redemption marathon.


    p.s. I think once you get over the halfway hump in marathon training, running loses all appeal. Just think about all of the fun-running to be done in the month after the race!
    Kat recently posted..Day 33My Profile

    • I am all packed…somehow I managed to have less stuff than on my last trip home that was shorter. Apparently running gear takes up far less room than all the layers you need for a WI in March! Whodathunk!

      And good grief yes, I am done running because I have to. Even easy, happy-go-lucky runs aren’t that much fun anymore. Gah!

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