Family Time + Fargo Goals

Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: Uh, traveling?! So basically a rest day!
Thursday’s Workout Wanda: A 4.1 mile run with bike-a-long mom in 40:01, pace of 9:45.

I am officially back in Wisconsin and this time around I’m not sick and half dead. At least not yet, I’m saving all of those death thoughts until I get to North Dakota! Which, by the way, I am still in denial about the marathon. Yup, still haven’t wrapped my mind around the fact I have 26.2 miles to run. To keep that denial looking rolling here are some photos from my day…

Today was the day of baking cookies. Lots of cookies. It all started with a trip to my favorite grocery store ever – Festival Foods – and ended with heaping piles of chocolate chip, meringue and oatmeal cookies along with some s’mores bars! That all counts as solid marathoning fuel, right?


All the baking started out at my mom’s then continued down to my grandparent’s where my grandma showed me how to make her famous meringue “castle cookies”. I sampled quite a few {read: about 10…don’t judge, they were mini!} and they are delicious. Don’t know if I’ll ever be able to re-create them in my own kitchen but you better believe I’ll try my darnedest!


Up next was a quick trip down to the old home farm to visit my grandpa’s barn cats. He stops by to feed them every day. Back in the day when we lived on this farm the hay mow was full of bales and a whole passel of feisty barn cats and fluffy kittens. Now the barn stands empty except for six farm cats. They came running when he called but backed off as soon as they saw me. Finicky cats.


After a few more visits and cookie drop offs my day as the deliver-er of happiness was complete! I made my way back to my mom’s house then drug her out on a 4 mile bike/run. Four easy miles chatting with my mom. Four miles that felt like about fourteen miles. I’m thinking Saturday might take forever!

Speaking of Saturday and the race that is going down, let’s talk about the numbers. Gah. Numbers. I hate numbers, but they have been floating around in my brain for a while so I’m going to spill the kinda, sorta, maybe goals! My first marathon was all about making it across the finish line alive, this time I’m aiming for a few numbers…

Dreamland Day – 4:17:10, pace of 9:48 {1 hr PR!}
Stars Aligned Day – 4:20:xx, pace of 9:54
Good Day – 4:30:xx, pace of 10:17
Okay Day – 4:45:xx, pace of 10:52
Life Sucks Day – anything below 5:xx:xx!

Right now I’m thinking that an Okay Day or Good Day goal is completely attainable. I can handle that without much suffering. I also think that there is a solid chance I might fall somewhere in the Good Day and Stars Aligned Day…but until I start running the actual race I’m not hoping too hard. I plan on “racing” based upon how I feel at the moment, not by what my garmin screams at me!

Mostly, I want to be able to enjoy the race. Sure, I’ll hate the distance, the running, the taste of Honey Stingers and the thought of ever using my legs again at some point through out the race, that’s all a given. But I don’t want to hate the entire experience. Most important to me is being able to look back at the race and kind of forget all the hatred I had for running during the sucktastical times.

With all of that being said I am off to bed…to think about more numbers and how I’m going to get to those fancy little goals I’ve finally said out loud! Tomorrow starts early with a leisurely trek up to North Dakota. Just realized I’ve never been to North Dakota…random fact of the day!


Family Time + Fargo Goals — 8 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh! The cookies! I became obsessed with making cookies very similar to those back in January. Basically merengue with (white) chocolate chips. I may have also eaten 10 in a day.
    Brit recently posted..QuackersMy Profile

  2. Good luck with your race goals, I’m certain you’ll do well! Love the pictures of the cookies and baking and the farm! I feel most fortunate to be a recipient of some of those sweets. They’re all awesome.
    Lisa recently posted..What’s happening Oct 7?My Profile

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