Snapshots: farm, friends, fargo

Friday’s Workout Wanda: Walked the Fargo 5K with my mom…in 97* heat!
Saturday’s Workout Wanda: Ran the Fargo Marathon in 4:29:18, pace of 10:17.

It is currently after 10pm…my alarm went off at 4:41am. I’m tired and I’ve earned myself some real sleep time. However, I had quite the eventful weekend and feel compelled to at least hint to what I got to do and who I got to meet, so here goes a tiny little photo bomb…

…meeting Lisa and visiting the farm…

…walking the Fargo 5K with my mom…

…meeting “internet strangers” and surviving the Go Far challenge with Amy…

…proof I rocked at life today with a  48 minute PR…

…feeding the addiction and slowly making our way from Fargo to Denver…

And off to bed I go…with ice packs and compression. Even run a marathon then jump in a car for 15+ hours of driving?! I’m only 5 hours into that drive and I don’t recommend it. I was feeling surprisingly well until our second rest stop when getting out of the car became challenging. Seriously wishing I’d packed my stick!

Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend and if you raced I hope you completely rocked at life…and for everyone racing on Sunday, good luck and have fun! Never thought I’d be the one prancing my way to the finish, today I was that girl! Seriously, have fun!


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  1. Such an amazingly huge PR! I love it. :-) Congratulations. And so glad you could stop by the farm. We’re still relishing all the delicious sweets you brought. Guess it’s time for me to get a blog post up soon too!
    Lisa recently posted..What’s happening Oct 7?My Profile

    • Thank you! It really was a solid running day for me! If only I can get around to writing a full report…there is so much and so little to say all at the same time, I haven’t even started it!

    • Thank you! :)

      Yeah, the driving/sitting did a number on my legs but the lovely dry heat of CO was calling my name. After some hiking and a short run this AM they are pretty much back to normal. Tired, but normal!

  2. Congrats on the big PR, Heidi Nicole! I had already read about your farm visit on Lisa’s blog. YES on the driving after a marathon….I had to do that after Top of Utah last summer. NOT recommended…..but a great story to tell later….
    Terzah recently posted..JugglingMy Profile

    • Thanks so much! :)
      Getting out at ever rest stop to wander around and refill the water bottle/empty the bladder helped a lot! Initially getting out of the car wasn’t fun but moving a bit and a few odd contortionist moves got me feeling better! Besides, a marathon run followed by a marathon drive makes me even more hardcore, right?!

    • Thanks!
      Never say never…although I’m trying to convince myself never again with the marathon, we’ll see!
      And I’m game for a half, right after our hilarious hike through the wilderness, granted we survive! 😉

    • Yeah…thats what happens when your first marathon was horrible! But hey, I’m just going to flaunt the 48 minutes!

      We always lived within about 4 miles of a Culvers until we moved to CO, now its 45 minutes away. Chris is convinced he is now a healthier person for this reason alone!

    • Being able to get out here together makes a huge difference – Chris doesn’t much like running but he is a mountain bike so sometimes I can get him to ride along on my runs. And we can both agree on hiking – easy, no gear required and scenic! Set a date, head outside and have fun!

    • Thank you! :) The clouds aligned for me! And my first race was a doozy…its crazy what legit training can do for you! But yes, I am stoned on a serious runner’s high!

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