{Fargo Marathon} …internet strangers + steamy 5K

Thursday’s Workout Wanda: Not a darn thing, just a day of legit laziness!

I’ve taken a week to digest everything and it all still feels like a jumbled mess in my tiny brain. I really want to be able to remember this entire experience myself – which I am already failing to do – so this here is going to be a lame attempt to write it all out when my head and hands can’t agree. Enjoy, or something like that.

After our farm visit and finally meeting Lisa we got back on the road to finish up our drive to Fargo. The plan was to arrive by 4pm, change into 5K walking clothes and then head to the expo. Much to my surprise that plan happened almost exactly. That never happens for me, I’m always late for everything, just ask Chris, it makes him crazy.

The Expo…
We headed down to my expo with my college friend Amy who was running the 5K Friday night as well as the half marathon on Saturday and Amy’s high school friend Katie who was running her first 5K. Parking was a mess but courtesy of Mom’s baby Toyota we snagged a good spot. Ironic how getting a close parking spot is so important when you are there so you can walk 3 miles!

Everything was inside the Fargodome and after circling the concourse a few times we got it all figured out. Mom signed up for the 5K {which I talked her into by saying I’d already signed her up, oops} and I grabbed my 5K packet upstairs then headed downstairs to grab the full marathon packet…things were getting real.

Meeting Internet Strangers…
While on the expo floor was had my peepers peeled for Courtenay –  another MN running blogger I’d been blog stalking for years – who was running her first half marathon on Saturday. We’d run the same races in the Twin Cities a few times but never successfully ran into each other, this time we were determined not to fail. A few tweets and texts had us close and then boom, I recognized her and hippity hopped across the expo to meet her, finally!

I’m always terrified that I’m not going to recognize someone I’ve been blog stalking or worse yet, actually emailing about a meet up. I’m horrible with faces and don’t really know how to say “oh, sorry, thought you were an internet stranger” if I talk to the wrong person! But I was in luck – I immediately recognized Courtenay without a doubt!

Jen + Courteny + me + Amy…

While Courtenay and I were babbling about running Amy was tweeting with Jen, another MN runner who was running her first full at Fargo. They had unknowingly crossed paths at a rest stop en route – Amy saw a picture Jen had tweeted, a picture that Amy had seen Jen take. What are the chances of that?!

Friday Night 5K…
More babbling ensued and my mom got bored with all our crazy person runner talk and wandered the expo. Much to her disappointment she arrived back at our group just in time to get coaxed outside into the 97* heat just so she could walk 3.1 miles…for fun.

…lots and lots of 5K’er!…

The 5K was a complete cluster. Since we spent as much time as possible in the climate controlled dome we got stuck near the back with a trillion strollers – my ankles were on high alert. Of course it didn’t take us long to work our way up, turns out my mom is rather competitive!

…so much easier to look normal while walking across the finish line…

She says she isn’t but once she sets her sights on passing someone our a group of someones off she goes! I didn’t realize this until we had to walk faster at the Get Lucky 7K so we could pick people off {her words, not mine}. But at Fargo Mom took it to the next level, there was curb hopping, stroller weaving and even a bit of running! Yes, my mom was so set on getting ahead of a few clusters of people she even ran! I was so proud!


Much to my surprise there were not water stations along the course. Sure, it was only 3.1 miles but it was 97*! Mom and I had our own water bottles but it didn’t take long for the water to be warm and gross. Amy and Katie had nothing…that would have sucked. Luckily a lot of the people living along the route were outside with hoses, water guns and sprinklers so we at least got to cool our dehydrated selves down!


We survived! It was hot, humid and disgusting but we earned our tshirts and medals! We headed inside, swooped through the expo one last time to snag any food they had then we headed for Noodles & Co for dinner. Luckily I had the brains to call ahead with our order – something that you can do when you have the entire menu memorized!


…yup, I got to butt in front of all those people. My order was the only pick up order waiting so I did all sorts of ego stroking as I walked out the door before the line moved forward at all!

After we fed our faces it was bed time. Thanks to my meticulous list making all I had to do to get my race day gear read was dump out a big ol’ plastic bag and straighten it out. I set my alarm, crawled into bed and slept soundly. No scary race nightmares, no midnight bathroom trips, just a solid, deep sleep. Perfection.

I promise I will eventually be back with the full recap of the actual marathon but right now I need to go makes lists and bake cookies…this afternoon we are headed out to go camping in Colorado for the first time then hike up our first 14’er! I’m terrified and excited! We are going with Paula, Heather and some of Heather’s friends who have all done this before so chances are we won’t get eaten or die!


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  1. Hey lady! It was so great to meet all of you in Fargo! What a great surprise it was to get to meet all three of you! So happy to have seen you on the course too and get to try and keep up with you for a bit! You are a rockstar! Hope to see you again next time you are in town!
    Jen Hendrickson recently posted..Two Days….My Profile

    • Yes, Twitter is funny like that – just this weekend I went camping with people I met through blogging/twitter, and they didn’t even chase me down with an axe! :) You had a solid race…I’m anxiously awaiting that recap so I can read all about it! {but no pressure, took me over a week to get mine up, so much to process!}

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