Little babies!

Monday’s Workout Wanda: A short 1.25 mile run in 12:32, pace of 10:03.
Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: Another short 1.6 mile run in 14:20, pace of 9:33.
Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: Group run + speed{ish} work for 3.25 miles total.

There has still been lots of running going on. Lots of running, not lots of miles. And lots of ice, compression and foam rolling! But all is going well, running and I are still madly in love. I’ve also found a new little park to walk around in on my lunch breaks. Well, my lunch breaks when I have the energy, usually anger fueled energy. More importantly the new found park comes with little babies!


And when I say that it sounds a lot like “lil BAYbees!” in an obnoxious childish squeak. I randomly discovered this park on Monday and came bouncing back into work all sorts of excited about the “lil BAYbees” annoying everyone around me. But at least I was in a jolly good mood, which kept them from complaining! Then I went back today and I just might head up there for a more exploratory run tomorrow.


This little pile of floating fluff completely made my day on Monday. I’ve spent a lot of time seriously struggling with my job and something as simple a baby goose made my freaking day. I am so simple. I also saw a whole passel of cute little baby ducks across the pond.

I also discovered some very large fish. Look into the shadows of the photos below…those big shadowy things are fish. In my little world the fish are “the size of a goose, that is napping, with its head tucked in”, made sense to me! Of course no fishing is allowed so I’ll never know what kind of fish they are, as if I have any fishing skills!


Then on today’s walk I found “lil BAYbee” grasshoppers, which aren’t nearly as disgusting as big ugly grasshoppers. Or they were heat loving brown crickets, but whatever, I didn’t run like a drunken idiot when they hopped at me!


And on my way to the mailbox today I discovered a “lil BAYbee” bunny. Or as Chris said when I sent him this photo – a baby boing boing. The rabbits in our apartment complex have absolutely no fear – that photo of the baby bunny is not zoomed, I was that close to him. The he dove into the rocks all stealthy like.

But enough about tiny little animals and all of their adorable-isms. Let’s talk a tiny bit about running, more specifically today’s meet up with BRC’s run group for speed work. With my right shin being extra tight I didn’t want to over do it so I hung with a group of slightly slower runners for the majority of the workout. We did half moon loops on big, empty soccer fields and I finally gave in ran my last three loops with some legitimate speed.


Even more fun, we were encouraged to run the last half of the workout barefoot. Um, yes, please! I spent the majority of my teenage years barefoot on the farm {yeah, super safe…} and even know I do a lot of stuff barefoot so it felt awesome to be out frolicking in the grass without any socks or shoes! Besides, a running group is the only place gross, gnarly runner’s toes and sock tan lines are cool!


Our group run is sponsored by Nella’s, a nearby froyo joint, and lately we have been ending our runs there. Today I planned ahead and stashed a credit card so I could nom nom my way through a heaping pile of fresh fruit under which a tiny bit of vanilla yogurt was melting. Yeah, forget the froyo, I just want the toppings!


Once again, group running is awesome. If you haven’t already tried one I’d highly recommend it. It has made me faster, given me a place to nerd out about running and gives me a solid, scheduled run at least once a week!

Oh, and lied, I have one more little baby to flaunt – my “lil BAYbee” french braid! My silly hair is finally long enough to twist into a french braid! It looks a hot mess because it survived a fully day at work and speed work, but hey, it’s a french braid!


Also, I’ll have you know I’m actually working on a post about chopping my hair off, getting bangs and hating on the stupid stylist I first trusted with my hair. And by “working on” I mean I have all the photos put into a Live Writer window and a title written…totally working on it!


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  1. The lake near our house has baby geese too and they grow so fast!! They are also protected very well by their mothers, so I’d watch out for that. I almost got attacked one day and ran away screaming.
    Kathy recently posted..The Taper CraziesMy Profile

    • Geese scare me! When I was walking by a few sleeping ones one of them suddenly stuck his head up straight and lets just say I decided to go for a jog. I’ve seen far too many videos of attack geese!

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