Okay, I’ll give it a tri…

Thursday’s Workout Wanda: A walk/run with Chris with exactly 1 mile of running in 9:05. Then I attempted to go swimming – I think I made it 150m without dying!
Friday’s Workout Wanda: A combo run/strength workout with 2 miles of running + some swimming to rinse off the sweat for a 210m swim-like flounder.

Without the excuse of “lots of miles” and “can’t tire the legs” that came with marathon training I am running out of reasons not to do some strength training. Right now my main reason is “I don’t like it”. So today I decided to mix it up and make my strength training part of my running. I used a workout I saw on Corrie Anne’s post as inspiration…

1/2 mile run
25 squats
1/2 mile run
25 bicycles {sets}
1/2 mile run
25 high sumos
1/2 mile run
25 snaking push ups

Check out Corrie Anne’s blog for the links to the moves/lifts and I should really pass along some credit for GPP Fitness as that is where this all originally originated!

That run/strength was followed up with a few pseudo-laps in the pool and 15 sets of plank snatches + side ups. Also found through GPP Fitness, by the way…spent a lot of time watching their YouTube channel!

And why did I spent time in the pool two days in a row you ask?!

I think I’m going to try something new. I don’t know if I’ll be very good at it, I don’t know if I’ll even be able to finish. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to give it a shot. I’m going to attempt a triathlon…and hopefully I survive.

When talking to Kathy about long runs and marathons she brought up a local sprint triathlon that involves 500 meters of pool swimming, 8 mile of biking and 3 miles of running. Kathy is about to run her first full marathon and she is already thinking about more races to do…that’s my kinda runner chick!

And you know what, I think I’m up for it. The bike and run are doable for me. The swim, on the other hand may be the death of me. Luckily the swim is in the beginning so if I have to play dead and give up at least it will be before I put the effort into biking and running!

So, I think I’m going to do it. And I’m excited about it. When I signed up for my marathons {yes, both of them} I was nervous and apprehensive. I haven’t thrown money at this race yet but I am excited. I’m excited to figure out how to swim properly. I’m excited to find the right outfit that works for swim/bike/run combo. But I will admit I’m not all that excited for the bike/run transition…I’ve felt that painful mess before and I’m not looking forward to it.

And this is where I need help. I have never ran a triathlon. Technically I’ have never even done a duathlon all on my own – only a relay with Chris. I know nothing about transitions, or gear or anything. So learn me good and learn me quick…I have 7 weeks to get my act together.


Since I have no photos of the boring apartment complex pool or myself because taking anything electronic near the pool would be dangerous for me…and the electronic…I thought I’d throw in some random photos from Wednesday night’s hail storm…

…in the middle of the storm…the next morning by the apt & on the trails…

First photo is from about 12:45am on Wednesday night, er Thursday morning. It started out like a normal Colorado storm – thunder, lightening, no rain. Then about the time I wanted to go to bed things changed. The tornado sirens were going off and the hail started.

May I remind you that we live on the third floor of a three story apartment building. First, this means we are a goner if a tornado comes through. I have no idea what to do, should probably work on that. Second, this makes a hail storm extremely loud. I got to listen to the hail ping, boing and pong off the metal vents for our apartment and anyone living below us. Awesome. Lots of sleeping happened. Or not.

On top of that Fred is terrified of thunder. Super fun night. Luckily the hail was only pea to marble sized in our area. Not that it would really matter – my car is plastic and Chris’s was hanging out in a parking garage at work. Long night…


And since I’ve distracted you with weather chatter let me bring the tri back up…any advice, I’ll take it. Seriously, I’m like a sponge here. A sponge that is currently soaking up all the pool water and sinking, so help a girl out!


Okay, I’ll give it a tri… — 14 Comments

    • I’m going to start stalking/stealing your WOD’s – I need to get my strength into my life but I hate just lifting while staring at myself in the mirror and I have no creativity in that department!

      The duathlon Chris and I relayed was really laid back, sure there were some crazy aero cyclists racing but a lot of people were in it for fun. Even saw people on the rental bikes from around the city {race was in Minneapolis/St Paul} and that made it a lot of fun…more of a competition with yourself. I’d definitely recommend trying one, especially if you can talk Kevin into relaying or even racing it.

  1. Wait, that “snow” on the trail started out as hail? How did it stick to the ground?

    No advice on the tri – I can’t swim laps either.

    • Yeah, lots of hail. It looked like snow and until you got up close you can’t really tell it was hail – the hail by us was only pea to marble sized. {my car thanks the weather man for that!}

      I can’t breath when I swim, life my lungs start to panic, long before my brain freaks out! So hard….

  2. We should get together for a bike ride or something and I can tell you everything I know about tris. So excited that you’re up for doing it!

    That’s crazy it hailed at your place! All we got was rain.
    Kathy recently posted..The Taper CraziesMy Profile

    • Yes, a bike ride sounds good. Although I’m using my mtn bike as an excuse to be slow and awkward! 😉

      Lots of hail. Very loud hail. I guess those south of us faired even worse – much larger hail. I’m not used to hail…

    • Uh, yeah, that would keep me out of open water too. I imagine killer fish. Or just slimy fish. I’ll take them off a hook no problem, but don’t let something unknown touch my leg, I’ll freak. So glad this tri is a pool swim… :)

  3. I’m not sure if you saw my response to you from my blog, but, the beauty of the sprint triathlon is that you don’t have to be good at swimming, you CAN doggie-paddle it if needed. Seriously, you will only be in the water for 10 minutes, look at it that way if it helps.
    Very exciting that you’re going for it! If you have any questions, shoot em my way!
    steena recently posted..Capitol View Olympic TriathlonMy Profile

    • I can handle the doggy paddle…I think. I quickly realized its the breathing that I really struggle with, or more so, getting my face in the water without panicking about water going up my nose! A super sexy nose clampy thing is getting purchased really soon!

  4. Read A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington. She’s a four-time Ironman World Champion and somehow her story ended up on my library holds list. Anyway, it was a fast read, and incredibly inspirational. If you’re going to do a Tri, I’m guessing it’s a Must Know.

    Can’t wait to keep up with your progress on this!
    Kat recently posted..366 Days AgoMy Profile

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