Underwear Run + Sweaty Red Rocks

Monday’s Workout Wanda: Rest day…between boot camp, hiking + running my body wanted the day off!
Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: A slow 1.25 mile run around the neighborhood.

It might be Tuesday but I am still dwelling on the weekend. Heck, I’m still stuck on Friday night. After our trek around the mountains we booked it back into Denver, reapplied deodorant, changed shoes and headed out for the Underwearness 5K at City Park.

Amy and I met up with a whole slew of bloggers…and some how no one has a photo? We are just amazing like that. I swear I stood still and tried to look normal for at least one photo but I have no idea who took it or where it is…so you’ll have to be happy with the one photo I do have – Amy and I being super excited post-race!


It was a hot race and we sweat, a lot. But we also talked a lot. Amy and I ran with Kristen who is training for her first full marathon and ran 10 miles that morning. No big deal. Basically, she has this marathon training thing down pat! She is running Denver RnR and I think I just might have enough room on my big ol’ sign of spectating awesomeness to add her name to it because she is going to rock it!

This was Amy’s second run in Colorado and first race…she did awesome! She adapted to this altitude stuff a whole lot faster than I did! I still blame the altitude and its been a year…she should probably just live here, obviously her lungs were made for it!


I also need to send out a quick “congrats” to Kim for finishing her first 5K on Friday night! She did amazing, especially when you take into considering the incredible heat!

After the race we all drug our stinky bodies over the Bull and Bush to feed our faces. I know for a fact photos were taken here, We did like six different groups of people…however my phone was in my pocket the whole time and not a single photo is in my possession. Blogger win. Not.


Now, moving on to Saturday morning. Making Amy hike around the mountains and run a 5K just wasn’t enough torture her vacation…we also signed up for the Fitness on the Rocks event at Red Rocks. Basically it is a huge, free event hosted by a bunch of fancy sponsors and work out facilities in the Denver area. They hosted Zumba, Turbo Kick, Yoga and Boot Camp throughout the morning.

Somehow the evil forces of Twitter got us signed up for the 10am boot camp. Luckily it wasn’t just us, a big group of crazy bloggers showed up to be hot, sweaty and miserable together.

Heather, Amy, Kristen…
…Cindy, Liz, Lauren, Lena, me, Corrie, Trish,
{snagged from Lynne, who kidnapped from Lauren}

Before we headed up to Red Rocks Amy and I stopped by Bear Creek Lake Park for a quick 2 mile run. Amy is on a mission to run at least one mile per day for a year and I wasn’t about to mess with that! Besides, I had pretty new trail shoes to try out!


I was excited for this event. I’m not much of one for boot camp but I was excited to experience a real workout at Red Rocks and I was looking forward to a morning with all of my sweaty sisters {can’t believe I just typed that…I promise to never call any of you that again!}. And sweaty we were, it was in the high 80’s to high 90’s while we were baking in the sun of the theater!

Heather, Lauren, Lynne, me…
{snagged from

However, the event did not go as I had planned. Or as hoped. I could rant about it. But I could also rave about it. So rather than a wall of text here is a quick list of thoughts…

…huge, free event with big name local gyms, boxes and training centers as sponsors
…at Red Rocks, a gorgeous venue
…a trillion fit people hanging out together, it was rather unreal
…they had people walking around spraying the boot campers with cold water, the only relief from the sun

…parking was a mess, having us park in the far South lot than walk around the theatre to get into the far north lot is not cool, yes we are here to workout, but really?!
…complete confusion on the entrance to the theatre, some people were routed to the east stairs, some up to the north entrance, no one was allowed in near the easily accessible south entrance
…food trucks…there were none even though the website advertised 24+ and had them assigned to a place on the map, I was seriously bummed
…the 10am boot camp didn’t start until 10:30 and went long, way too much time in the sun
…doubt that there was an 11:30am boot camp as when we were leaving the announcer asked anyone wanting an additional 40 minutes of boot camp to come down to the front, probably too far behind for the full 90 minutes!
…heat, it was so freaking hot and the cement/wood was so hot it burned our hands to do push ups, recommending gloves or a towel at sign up would have been helpful

…morning yoga in the sun + sunbathing while waiting for boot camp to start…

All of that complaining aside, I had fun. I had a great time with a group of friends. Unfortunately I walked away hungry and sunburnt, even after applying a half bottle of sunscreen! As a free event it was worth it. If I had to pay for this event I would have been extremely upset. I won’t be rearranging my schedule for this event next year and I definitely will not be throwing money at it, but if this is the only thing available to do on a Saturday morning I’d give it another shot…just to see if they improved upon this year.

…Heather is thinking “oooh, she has no idea whats about to happen to her legs, mwahahah!”…

…some of the Red Rock athletes of sorts runing up the theater only to jog down the stairs + climb up the planters then do ab work circuits, crazy people…

Also, I did email Fitness on the Rocks with some feedback and questions. I sent the email three days ago and have not yet gotten a response. I wanted to write about the weekend so I’m not waiting for a response just to post this; however, if I get a response I’ll be sure to pass on some of the information. They were all asking for feedback and I genuinely believe they are going to try and improve the event.

Our Saturday night was finished up with a fun little bachelorette party, Mexican food and the realization that I am no longer young enough to stay out late…I’m about 90 and was contemplating going to bed as we were leaving the house! Tsk, tsk. Speaking of which, it is bedtime. Goodnight.


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    • I got the Saucony Exodux, whichever is the newest version in purple/green. I have run all of 2 miles {+4 mile hike} and I love them so far!

      And yes, you should move to CO – its really pretty here. And the state is full of great people. Well, minus the complete nutjobs, which is incredibly sad.

    • Thanks! I didn’t want to sound ungrateful, but didn’t want someone reading this change their wedding date just to attend next year, you know! I really wish they would respond to me in on way or another – I’ve emailed and posted on FB, still nothing.

  1. I think you did a great job reviewing fitness on the rocks.. i felt like such a baby for complaining. but it did seem a little disorganized. would a sign or two been so difficult? and extra wait time in the sun is definitely not cool. I was thinking of doing that 5k but that night I was feeling happy I didn’t because it was so hot!! lol
    Corrie Anne recently posted..Virtual Track Star + SWMMy Profile

    • They said they wanted feedback…I think we need to give it to them. It was a fun event, but there were some seriously lacking areas! My sunburnt shoulders were not the least bit excited…

      The 5K was really hot! We took it easy so we didn’t die, but it was toasty!

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