From 600 to 14,000…

Workout Wanda’s: No real running, just hiking and exploring!

This past {extra long} weekend was full of firsts. Stacy’s first visit to CO while we were actually living here. The first time our trusty air mattress flattened itself. Our first camping trip without knowledgeable locals and Stacy’s first legit camping trip ever. Stacy’s first 14er summit. Our first time getting yelled at by random strangers at RMNP. Needless to say, it was a great weekend and I’m rather sad it is all over.

Mt Sherman


After our tester trip up Mt Evans we decided that a 14er was going to happen, it was just a matter of which on. We decided on Mt Sherman because it had one of the shortest hikes possible – we didn’t need Stacy fighting the altitude and the distance!

We picked up a few essentials from REI, bribed some friends into lending us gear and packed up the car then headed toward Fairplay in hopes of finding a suitable campsite somewhere off the road leading up to Mt Sherman.

We test drove the road {the WRX did just fine…}, scoped out a campsite, pitched the tent, convinced some dry would to burn, ate dinner and smores then called it a night. Friday morning came earlier than I wanted it to, but before we were up and camp was torn down…legit Colorado hiking was about to happen!

…Stacy + myself hiking along the only flat trail…

The first half mile of the hike was hard. We started out at about 12,000 feet and headed directly uphill. It seems silly but I was struggling in that first stretch – it was definitely the hardest part of the entire hike! I think it is safe to say Stacy was seriously doubting the ability of her Wisconsin lungs!

After what seemed like forever {really less than a mile} we came upon a flat plateau-like area and the going got a lot easier. Stacy and I hiked together while Chris frolicked on ahead of us. He got some good quality breathers waiting for us to catch up! At least he took photos of us far off in the distance…

…Stacy + I making our way up the switchback to Chris’s rest stop…

Aside from the uphill hike in the beginning the hike was really quite easy. The trail was simple enough to follow although very rocky. As we went along the trail changed from gravel to large rocks to small boulders. Footing was always loose and I spent the majority of the hike staring at the trail in front of me, which made me glad for breathers and a chance to look around at the beauty.

…some exposed, wind blown trail leading to a false summit…

About a mile from the summit the trail started to go along the ridge, exposing us to some gusting winds. There was a stretch in the middle of that mile where the wind was just relentless – cold, gusting, unforgiving. My brain actually throbbed with the ache of brain freeze from the pounding wind and I thought my nose tip was getting frost bit! It was cold!

…Stacy + Chris making their way along some sketchy trail…

Along some areas of the ridge it was necessary to steady yourself with your hands – especially with the gusting winds and loose rocks. We headed up through this area at about 9:30am and on our way back down around 10:30am it was a lot worse. The skies were clear but the wind was abusive!

Once we got up to the summit – after two very deceiving false summits – the wind disappeared and it was really beautiful. We could not have asked for better weather for a mountain hike! There were no scary clouds chasing us off the mountain, just wide open spaces and miles of scenery!


The hike down wasn’t nearly as painful as Bierstadt’s hike and we cut off some distance by scampering straight down a big section of the talus field. Stacy’s feet were not happy with her and I was ready to sit down but once again Chris was off ahead of us making it all look easy. Turd.

…representing Wisconsin!…

Stacy made it up her first 14er! In the matter of a few days she went from 600 feet to 14,000 feet and was still smiling at the end! She even says she had fun! Ice packs were put to use once we got home and the stairs up to our 3rd floor apartment were hated on, but it was worth it!

Check out some more photos on Flickr… Mt Sherman Photos.

Side Note: If anyone knows any tricks to properly using Flickr please let me know. I feel like it is so difficult to organize photos…I just want something easy peasy, like albums on FB without even touching FB. Any suggestions? Feedback? Help?!


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