I’ve been missing out on the Boulder Running Company runs lately…this fancy time suck called work keeps getting in the way. Not tonight. Tonight I was running. There won’t be a run next week because everyone will be out trick-or-treating so tonight was Halloween night – I am not one to turn down the chance to dig out the neon pink leggings…

What I was not prepared for was the rain. Cold, relentless, windy rain. It kind of sucked. It was actually pretty miserable. I should have been smart about it and snagged a Brooks running vest. Apparently they kept everyone nice and dry, at least on the core…that would have been nice. As you can tell my shirt got soaked!

But the good news is that eventually that rain turned into snow. Big, fluffy snowflake snow…

Yes, I did do a happy dance. I’m not ready for it to be cold, I honestly don’t know where my winter jacke is located at the moment, but I am excited for snow! I’m ready for snowboarding, I’m anxcious for quiet, snowy runs and I cannot wait for the pollen or whatever it is to go away so I can stop taking allergy meds like they are candy!

However, the cloudy, snowy, cold weather is kind of screwing with my tour guiding plans. The mountains are pretty with snow but not really while its snowing – the views are obstructed and hiking is rather miserable. Aside from mountains I don’t even know what to show off about Colorado…off to Google I go!


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