Hurts so…good?

If you haven’t noticed by my complete lack of running posts…my running has been suffering. I blame the darkness of winter and a work schedule that can’t stay the same two days in a row. Oh, and maybe I’m being a little bit lazy too. Maybe. But its probably the silly sun and this late rising, early setting thing it has going on!

With the dark, chilly mornings and the outbreak of crazies in Colorado its incredibly difficult for me to get up early in the morning – especially if the only running I can safely do is on a treadmill. So I haven’t been getting up early. I’ve been sleeping in. And on top of this giving me an excuse to skip workouts its also making me feel rather useless in the morning. Not cool.

Luckily I’ve found myself a solution. Boot camp. Which is the last place on earth I’d imagine finding myself. Especially if it involved forking over money. If I’ve ever talked about boot camp or group workouts {except spin!} its to complain. I’m a whiner, and I’m usually not a fan of being part of a massive group of people trying to follow an instructor who knows the moves better than I ever will.

However, I’ve been hearing a lot about the Boulder Running Company boot camps during the group runs and I’ve always been intrigued. So last Friday I did it…


I got up early and I went to the boot camp at BRC. The same people that “coach” the Wednesday night speed work run the boot camps so I had an idea of what I was getting into, or so I thought.


I still was not prepared for 250+ squats and 200+ lunges. Holy buckets. The act of actually doing the squats/lunges wasn’t painful but I knew before long I’d be severely regretting the fact I lived on the third floor!

Yup, my legs were no overjoyed with my impulse decision to squat it out. They rebelled. Simply driving my car became painful – pushing the clutch in hurt. Even shifting made my “pushup” muscles hurt. Man, I was feeling like a freaking wimp! Obviously I needed this boot camp!

Even with the wincing agony of DOMS I decided to commit. I showed up at the store later to hand over my credit card and to get pinched for body fat measurements. I was paying someone to make me hate them three days a week at 5am. I was doing this and I was going to end up with numbers to prove whether or not it was worth it.

…sticker pick up, little did I know I could hate stickers so much!

Honestly, it felt good to hurt again. To hurt from a hard, challenging workout. My running hasn’t been amped up enough to even make my muscles consider DOMS and I have absolutely no motivation to do strength training on my own. At the moment committing to boot camp for a month feels right.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still not in love with the concept of boot camp but I’m liking it enough to give it a shot. I’d much rather be in a 5am spin class, but there are some aspects of this boot camp that I really like.

First, I get my early morning work out in while staring at a wall of gorgeous running shoes. Seriously, how is this not a good thing?! Well, I’ve found a few pair of extra colorful shoes I think need to end up in my collection so my bank account may hate this set up, but I love it!


The moves are not complicated. We do basic stuff and usually add a twist or six. Push ups, lunges, squats…plus cardio, partner moves and ab work. I’ve only been to three classes but so far there has not been much repeating and I don’t get bored. Which may be in part because of the music – it doesn’t suck. Heck, when doing chair sits today we were bouncing along to the music!

The majority of the workout is self paced. Rather than following along as Kody does 15 jump squats he gives us a quick demo then lets us go at our own pace for time rather than reps. And if it is for reps it is still on your own – if you can’t get 10 reps in, so be it. Just keep moving.

Overall the workout is not extremely high impact. When I think of boot camp I think of the Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred. Not exactly boot camp, but pretty close. And it has a ton of high impact moves that just kill my knees. If there is a lot of bouncing it is easier enough to scale it down to stepping without feeling like a wimp.

Most importantly the instructor, Kody, is personable. He knows the people who come to his classes, he learns how to motivate them and really understands how important it is to mix things up. Again, I’ve only been to three classes so far but I haven’t gotten bored yet…partly because for Halloween we got to to play with pumpkins today…


…those are just some of the moves we were doing with our pumpkins. We even got to run around the store with the pumpkins held above our heads. Extremely entertaining! We all looked ridiculous and it was surprisingly difficult!

We also got to dress up today, which very few people do at 5am but I’m a bit of a nutjob so I played along. I was a ninja with a shoe fetish…dressed in all black {shorts, compression socks, tank, long sleeve, zip up, headband} and wore my neon green shoes. Clearly I put a ton of thought into my outfit! But no photos…ninjas are so quick and sneaky to be caught on camera!

I just so happened to buy a spaghetti squash when I went pumpkin shopping and it also go put to good use this morning! Now I just need a recipe of sorts that uses spaghetti squash – I’ve never eaten it before. Any suggestions?


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    • That was my big reservation about boot camps but no yelling in this boot camp. And no fancy coordination required, which is why I suck at yoga! Its very similar to the CFE WODs but with direction and someone telling you when your minute is up…and no weights, not that my legs could tell the day after all the squats/lunges!

  1. Daaang that is early in the AM…kudos to you for doing it! I am not a morning person and have trouble working out in the morning, one of these days i will make it happen i think…maybe :p
    Ed recently posted..Happy Halloween!My Profile

    • Once you get into the routine it gets “easy” to an extent. But then its also super easy to sleep in! I used to work at 5am, sometimes with workouts beforehand – I like my early mornings! :)

    • A Bighorn Crossfit shirt arrived in my mailbox today – I love it! Along with a free week…I think I’ll have to give it a try, we’ll see how boot camp goes. But its a bit of a drive up there so if I get addicted… 😐

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