I miss fall…

I think I missed out on fall. Where did fall go? Where were all the bright orange, deep red and strikingly yellow trees? What happened to the rustling leaves, the yards heaped with racked leaves and the smell of burning leaves?

Turns out none of that really happens here in Colorado. I didn’t miss out on fall…I am just missing my Wisconsin version of fall! We do get color here in Colorado, but it is mostly yellow from the aspens. I am yet to see a yard with leaves heaped into a pile – they are almost immediately bagged up to avoid the gusting winds. And burning leaves?! Maybe its because I’m in town but I’m pretty sure that is avoided because, quite frankly, our state needs no help catching its forests on fire!

In my little midwestern head this is what fall should look like…


All sorts of different colors thanks to maple and oak trees! Complete hillsides of color! As boring as long drives can be in Wisconsin I truly missed driving along country roads as the sun rose or set, making all the leaves look even more brilliant.

Instead, this is the fall I actually got to experience…

…granted, this last photo had potential to be gorgeous…the week before we showed up!

A lot of yellow. And brown. And green. I suppose I shouldn’t be too bummed about it – at least we have aspens to change colors! But it wasn’t what I expected. What I wanted. There were no hillsides of color. Instead there were mountainsides of pine trees with small groves of aspens. From a distance it made the mountains look rather diseased – a massive mountain covered in dark pine trees with spontaneous splotches of bright yellow!

I’ll admit. I spent some time moping about our lack of fall colors. I whined a little. I even called my mom and asked for fall color photos {the first 3 above} because I was convinced I was missing out on life. Than I realized something. If I was going to compare Colorado to Wisconsin I needed to be fair.

By Wisconsin standards the entire winter season here in Denver has weather that could be considered “fall” weather in Wisconsin. Its pretty pleasant. Even on snow days the weather is nothing like what Wisconsin suffers through in January and February.

Nov Run 1
…bundled up for a WI run in November, I would have died of heatstroke in that many layers if I were running CO in November! And we were rocking the blaze orange because of hunting season! In WI that is basically a state-wide holiday and blaze orange is a requirement…

Sure, we get cold days, but nothing colder than what Wisconsin could easily experience in October. I know last winter was a mild winter but not once did I need to pull out my wool pea coat to protect myself against the wind, ice and below zero temperatures. Instead I was good with a hoodie and wind breaker. Unheard of in Wisconsin.

I suppose the grass is always greener…especially in WI where they get rain more than once every three months! But a little perspective makes it all seem a little more bearable. I’ll take a fall lacking in reds and oranges for a winter lacking in weeks for –10 temperatures! Especially when the mountains have all the snow I could ask for, which is my hope this year!

But I will miss my Wisconsin colors. Maybe next year we’ll manage to plan a trip home during the peak of fall colors. Just maybe. But until then I’ll leave you with my favorite WI tree…

…at the moment the cemetery setting seems appropriate. This tree was along one of my main running routes when we lived in Eau Claire, WI. On the opposite end of the cemetery is an adorable church. And as I finished my loop through the cemetery my route caught up with and followed the Chippewa River.

Maybe I’m not just missing fall colors. Maybe I’m a tiny bit homesick. Or maybe I just vividly recall this running route because of all the beautiful river views it gave me – fall leaves floating down a river are quite beautiful. Because I can promise you I do not miss the humidity!

Guess I’ll have to get myself out of this silly slump of mourning with some more early season snowboarding! We are headed up to Copper on Thursday to put our season passes to good use!


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  1. I agree that the Midwest has better fall colors than Colorado but I was actually pretty impressed with the range of colors I saw around the Denver area this fall. I saw quite a bit of reds and oranges and it was very nice! (but that was in town, not in the mountains). One question though… you burn leaves in WI? Never heard of such a thing…
    Kathy recently posted..Up and runningMy Profile

    • I was pretty impressed with the colors in town – and have vowed to have a maple and oak tree in my yard if we ever get a house!

      Maybe its more of a country thing? We always burned leaves. We’d rack the leaves into piles or rows, get a burning permit and roast marshmallows {mostly to keep the kids occupied}. It smells so…”fall”!

    • We spent years talking about it before we finally just took a leap of faith. So far we love it. And I do not foresee us going back to WI any time soon, at least not for more than a week long visit! :)

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