Breaking Up…

Its over.



For now anyway.

My Garmin and I have official broken up. We kept arguing. I didn’t exactly like the numbers it was telling me so I’ve decided to call it quits.

Its not that I don’t believe the numbers being spit out by the Garmin, sometimes I just don’t want to know. I want to run based on feel, not what a silly wrist computer is telling me. More importantly, this stupid red block with buttons was able to make a relatively good run feel crappy…all because of the numbers.

…collecting dust in the nerd cove…

Moreover, I’m not training for anything. I have no reason to obsess over speed or distance or anything like that. Right now I need to be able to go out and run, for fun. For no reason other than “I can”. The Garmin was messing with that.

I know I have speed…more speed than I have ever had before. At least for a mile or so. Its on the “easy” runs that I fight with the Garmin. Or the runs I really have to talk myself into. You know, the run where you feel like you are running all out and look down to see a 10:15 pace. Seriously?! My body feels like its running an 8:30…stop lying you stupid Garmin!

So what if some days 10:15 seems hard. Who cares! Because some days running will be awesome and a 7:33 mile feels easy! Those days are freaking awesome and only happen because I fight my way through the days that aren’t so perfect. I’d rather feel good about every mile I run than hate my legs because the Garmin tells me I’m too slow.

…looks like the last few months have been mostly mountain biking anyway…

Now, I’m not pitching the Garmin, I’m just letting it collect a little dust. We still like to use it for mountain biking and when I have a random run I want to do for distance, not time, I’m not opposed to strapping the Garmin to the racer back of my sports bra – legit way to wear it without being able to see any numbers, even when you desperately want to peek! It is just no longer considered a staple in my running life.


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  1. Even though it sucks to feel like you’re running fast but not be, it’s much better than feeling awful running a decent pace. But I agree on non-Garmin runs. Sometimes it’s just more enjoyable to run without knowing your pace.
    Kathy recently posted..Thanksgiving 2012My Profile

    • I have gotten to the point now that I know the distance for a lot of potential routes around home…it really is nice to run just for fun. I think it would be refreshing to train for a half while running just for time {eg: 90 minutes rather than 9 miles} then give a solid effort at the race and finish to see a real minute/mile for the first time! I did this for my first half marathon…that is still my PR!

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