A new running game!

We have invented a new running game. And by “we” I mean Chris. Yes, Chris. As in the guy who doesn’t even believe in the act of running. Let me start from the beginning…

Last month I won a pair of ASICS from the Road Runner Sports Adventure Run. On Friday I talked Chris into heading north with me to pick out my new shoes. I hate shoe shopping, especially when it comes to new running shoes. It stresses me out.

I tried on every single neutral shoe in the store but nothing wow’ed me. My feet didn’t truly love a single pair. There was one that may have worked but with my freebie shoes there could be no exchanges. I freaked out a little bit. Then I talked Chris into trying on some trail running shoes. You know, for hiking, obviously.

We ended up leaving the running store with a new pair of ASICS…for Chris. Of course the first pair he tried on “felt great”. Psht. Silly boys. Or picky girls. But that’s a whole different story!


Come Saturday morning the weather was gorgeous. Again. We have had truly beautiful weather…no snow, but awesome “get your butt outside” weather day after day! So we got our butts outside. In our trail running shoes…for a hike, of course.

We headed down the road to Dakota Ridge {which we’ve biked and hiked before} to trek around the trails that would be considered rather technical trail running, er, hiking. And photo taking…because I’m a dork. A dork that can’t seem to decide what to do with her arms…


Now, about the running game Chris invented…

As soon as we started up the trail – a steep incline – Chris started sprinting. I was not prepared for this innocent hike to become a race so he easily kicked my butt. He then promptly picked up a rock and threw it at me!

Okay, fine, he probably would have still beat me if there was a “ready, set, go”…he may not believe in running but he can out sprint me! But really, is this even relevant information!? What is relevant is the fact he choose a relatively small rock and it was more of a toss than a fast pitch. No injuries were incurred…but a game was created!

…arms in the air helps with balance, don’t judge!

Throughout our hour long hike we would randomly pick a spot in the distance and break into sprints. Whoever got there first got to throw a rock at the loser. A very positive, non-threatening game, right?!

It was fun. A lot of fun actually. I even won a few times. Okay, once. Then I missed Chris the first time I tossed a rock so I amended the rules to allow re-throws…for me.

Eventually we forced ourselves to think like adults rather than small children. We decided it would be safer to throw pine cones rather than rocks! Very adult of us, don’t you think?

…Chris, running! I’m in love, all over again!

I am pretty sure Chris has not been converted over to the cult that is running. However, most ever trail in Colorado has pine cones nearby – and all have rocks! – so I’m thinking we may end up spending a little more time in our trail running shoes.

Going on hikes, of course.


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