My Life Story: I’m a farm girl!

I am a farm girl. A real farm girl. Not a chick who grew up in the country wearing daisy dukes and cowboy boots. A girl who worked on the family farm wearing shit kickers and stained jeans. Life was not always easy and hard work was definitely the norm. Even so, every once in a while I really miss. Usually this pining doesn’t happen in July when farm life required hours of dripping sweat in hay mows and scorched fields. But in the spring and fall? Definitely miss the country mouse life!

Accola Rd Farm
…the farm I grew up on…

We might live in the big metropolis of Denver but more often than not I feel like an out of place poser. Luckily we live in a city that truly appreciates the outdoors and we have multiple “open spaces” within just a few minutes drive. And of course the mountains are less than 30 minutes from the door of apartment! But there will be no house hunting in the city! In the mountains, yes, but not on the city. I want a big yard, tyvm!

For the sake of a little nostalgic thinking I thought I’d share a few farm-y photos from my childhood. I’m still in the process of creating a digital copy of all 8,637 childhood photos – it may well take me 4 years – but here are a few of my favorites that will give you a quick peek at farm life as a toddler!

Fam. 8.6.1989
…four generations of farming…
…the little guy in overalls is my brother, he isn’t living on a farm but he works on farms daily…

Much to my mother’s disappointment I wasn’t a girly girl. Getting me into lace and bows was a challenge. It wasn’t my fault lace was itchy and all the other cute stuff meant I had to stay out of the dirt and away from the farm cats!

11.1988Image a
…just chilling and avoiding the girly stuff…

Although my mom should have never worried about us kids getting our good clothes dirty on the farm. After all, we had perfected the art of washing our clothes in the mud puddles. It was not uncommon for us to strip off all of our “dirty” clothes and did scrub them in the mud puddle while wearing just our skivvies. We understood the basic concept of laundry…sort of.

Image (75)aImage (80)c
…getting ready to do some laundry…in the mud!

One of the main things I miss about the farm life – aside from all the critters – is the big yard. We had a huge yard. I never did figure out how to tell the acreage by just looking at land but our backyard alone was easily the size of 4-6 city lots. Mowing the lawn was a huge chore. But we had tons of room to pay and 99% of our clothes were dried on the line.

Image (88)aImage (31)a
…playing in the “kid’s yard” and getting domestic…

To this day I am still a firm believer that sheets dried on a clothes line on a hot summer day smell the best! Some day I will have a house with a yard and a clothes lines. Some day!

And we cannot forget all the farm animals! We had cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, cows, ducks, geese, chickens…all sorts of critters. Occasional a cat or dog would win over the hearts of my parents and they would spend more time inside than out but usually they were barn animals.

Heidi - on the farm 1989
Heidi & Gary 1989 (2)Image (45)Image (41)
…Ahh! Puppies, so many puppies! We always had puppies!…
…introducing Gary to a fluffy puppy…
…in a rabbit pen at Gma’s that the cats took over when the rabbits were no more…

The cats lived in the hay mow, the dogs had dog houses, the ducks/chickens/geese roamed the farm and the rabbits stayed safe from the dogs in their rabbit pens. We had so many cats and dogs there is no way I can remember the name of everyone. Its not that we didn’t love our pets, they just came and went. Our farm was often just a quick stopping point for lost dogs, homeless cats and the hired helps visiting critters.

So there you have it. A quick look at life on a farm through the eyes of a toddler. Eventually I grew up, got a little less cute and had to do legit farm work. But that’s a story for another day. For now, let’s just focus on the simplicity of being a child, even in the go-go-go environment of a family farm!


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    • Trust me, you will love Colorado! We’ve been here just over a year and it beats the Midwest in so many ways! We should definitely get together once you are settled in out here!

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