{Winter Park +Mary Jane} …the love is growing!

After bailing on the mountains last week because of the cold we had high hopes for the snow this Thursday…and for the first time this season Winter Park did not disappoint. At least not completely! You’d think after the horrible snow fall we had last year our expectations would be a bit lower…but every time we head up we are secretly hoping the mountain will be covered in a surprise layer of powder. Hasn’t happened yet.

Winter Park and Mary Jane snowboardingWinter Park and Mary Jane snowboardingWinter Park and Mary Jane snowboarding

At the very least the mountains have never let us down when it comes to beauty. And to be honest, we actually had some pretty good snow. There was a bit of powder to play in and the runs were not a sheet of ice. We could actually go down a run without the fear of hitting a mystery patch to ice and eating.

Plus, it was basically empty – seriously, I think the busiest run we took had maybe 10 people on it, total. It was awesome. The lack of people and our good moods about the snow meant we did more exploring. The Panoramic lift was open so we got to at least look into some of the bowls – only one was really open but we could see the potential…if it ever snows more than 3 inches at a time!

Winter Park and Mary Jane snowboarding
Winter Park and Mary Jane snowboarding

We took our sweet time getting our butts out of bed so we didn’t get up to Winter Park until about noon. Oops. But the weather was great – sunny, blue skies, mid 20s. Far better than the below zero wind chill of last week…I would assume.

One thing we have been really missing while snowboarding – aside from powder – is tree runs. I’m horrible at surviving them and will probably never be any good at getting through a tree run without a few mishaps but they are fun. You get to squeeze between trees, hug trees, run into trees, ride over trees…


That is footage from Chris’s helmet when he got a little stuck in the trees. Most tree runs are little jaunts but this one went quite a ways. The going got a little rough but he got some pretty cool shots of the trees snowing on him! All of this was happening while I was waiting at the bottom trying to decide how long I should wait for him before I was allowed to panic. Next time I should probably follow him!

Considering there is little to no snow in the forecast I don’t think we’ll be getting a powder day any time soon. But we’ll keep hoping. And for now Denver is having some awesome weather – highs between 45 and 65 for the rest of the month. Anyone in the Midwest want to buy a last minute plane ticket?!


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    • I am no jealous of all the cold you are getting! I remember that cold – where it hurts to breath! We had a tiny bit of it – only -5, but still. Even so, dry cold {CO} is far more bearable the humid cold {WI}!

      I’ll send some sunshine and warmth your way! 😉

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