It’s a cat-tastrophy!

I am going to apologize for one thing. The grainy, washed out, over exposed smart phone photos. But that is all. I refuse to apologize for the insane amount of cat photos. We don’t have kids so I’m allowed to do this. However, if you call Fred my furbaby I’ll lose it! Fred is a cat. Just to clarify.

In case anyone was wondering…our cat owns us. Its pathetic. We should probably never get a dog because we clearly fail at being the “alpha dog” in the house! Want proof? We’ve got it…

Cat  searching for flyCat on fish tankCat hiding in a closetCat taking over desk
…chasing a fly, befriending the fish, taking over the closet, preventing productivity…

Computer catCat with fish screen saverCat trying to get outside
…he also does this “push on the screen” thing to the poorly fitted bedroom screen, 3 floors up…

Cat under fitted sheetCat hidingCat hugging
…claws out under the fitted sheet, hiding from Chris down the hallway, hugging his favorite human – me…

He is a special little critter. He is still finicky around strangers and definitely has his moments with Chris but we like him. He is about 3 years old and he is the most playful he has ever been! It makes him a lot more fun…and kinda makes me want a kitten! However, Fred may have bumped his head a few times…he likes to sit in the corner, meow at the wall and occasional leap up them! Weirdo.

Okay, I will apologize for one more thing…the horrible, non-existent editing in this video! I uploaded it directly from my phone to YouTube. I know, its bad. Just watch it without sound – it is Fred, under the fitted sheet.


He is so weird – he gets all excited when I wash the sheets! He will jump on the bed while I put the fitted sheet over him. After a bit of playing he gets tired of that and crawls on top of the fitted sheeting waiting for the flat sheet…and so on and so forth until all the blankets are on.

And just so I don’t look completely obsessed with our perfectly wonderful black cat I’d like to share a quick photo of my mom’s cat – Coco. Chris took this last fall in WI. She is a fiesty one…

Cat sunning


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