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Well, we survived our first hut trip! Not only did we survive, we had fun…and just might do it again some time! At the moment I’m playing catch up with life. Let’s just say being completely disconnected was amazing! We got to “just be” for three whole days. No worries about emails or blogging or doing laundry or eating or anything. We played cards, jumped in the snow and made one hell of a sled luge! It was fabulous!

If only I could put my phone on “airplane mode” and use it solely for relatively good quality photos every week. I think this would be a pretty great way to use that time…

McNamara Hut Trip in Colorado…the hike in…

McNamara Hut Trip in Colorado
…the hut…

McNamara Hut Trip in Colorado
…snowshoe hike, just for fun…

McNamara Hut Trip in Colorado
…slow, powdery snowboarding…

McNamara Hut Trip in Colorado
…extreme sledding…

McNamara Hut Trip in Colorado
…the hike out…

In short, it was fan-freaking-awesome-tastic! The weather was fantastic, the hike wasn’t nearly as painful as I’d expected, we’d only over packed with the most essential “what if” items {flashlight, band aids, etc} and we were in great company with people who knew the best card games and could backcountry cook like you would not believe!

I’ll be back with more stories…as soon as I’m done crying over my inbox and hating the internet. And doing a little laundry. My clothes would probably love a bath as much as I loved my hot shower! Oh, the joys of hot water…that runs from a faucet!


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  1. Unplugging is definitely one of the best parts! The shower comment made me laugh out loud. When we come out of the back country, it’s always a toss up on what we want first-food or a shower! I’m so glad you had a good time, and the snow pictures are making me so jealous. It’s alright-I’ll be in the mountains in 3 weeks!!
    Natalie @ Free Range Human recently posted..I Think We’re Alone NowMy Profile

    • Haha, food won out this time – we stopped for pizza on the way down. Hats come in handy, you’d never guess my hair was as disgusting as it was! Besides, that’s the bonus of mountain towns – being half mountain man is totally acceptable!

    • Yea, the hut was pretty luxurious considering we were in the middle of no where! The hut-keepers (they have a much more official name) do an awesome job of packing in the essentials like TP, kitchen stuff, pillows, bedding, etc. Its awesome.

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