More Mountain Love… {Keystone Resort}

Our mountain vacation is here…well, technically part two of our month of mountain vacations – part one was our hut trip last week. But who is counting? I’m too busy living the life and avoiding reality to worry about that! And since I’m busy enjoying the mountain and snowboarding at Keystone Resort this is all you get for now…

Winter Vacation Snowboarding at Keystone Resort
Winter Vacation Snowboarding at Keystone Resort
Winter Vacation Snowboarding at Keystone ResortWinter Vacation Snowboarding at Keystone Resort

An “early” morning run through the deserted Keystone resort at 8am, snowboarding before noon with the guys, hiking to the back bowls and finishing off the day with fresh snow! We even managed to be out late enough to get closed into runs – beat the rope by seconds! And after starting out at 10am. That’s a big deal for Chris and I with our snobby season pass ways!

Hope you are all surviving the last part of your work week and are getting all ready for a great weekend!


More Mountain Love… {Keystone Resort} — 12 Comments

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