Surprise…I raced! {Hippity Hop 10K}

I surprised myself today. I ran my first race in months this morning. If you take a look at the Race Page on this site you’ll see that I’ve run a race at least every other month for the past five years. Not this year. My last race was September 2012. Months ago…six months to be exact.

2013-03-30 10.58.27

Today I ran a 10K…and it didn’t suck. At least not completely! I had no idea what kind of pace I’d be able to maintain, if I’d want to die or if I was anywhere near PR fast. Well, it turns out speed work actually works, even if you aren’t racing regularly! I surprised myself today!

I finished in 51:xx…a definite PR from the 55:55 I’ve been holding onto since 2009! Plus, I was only 4 stupid seconds short of scoring myself an Age Group award! I wish I could have kicked it in a bit more but I chased that girl for a full 6 miles! I tried, really hard! I didn’t beat her but I also kept last night’s cheesecake down…


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