Hippity Hop 10K {race recap}

Almost two months ago I got an email from one of the speed work coaches at Boulder Running Company. She asked if I was still interested in the BRC running team. Um, yes! I realize I haven’t actually written about this, oops. At first I was waiting until we got our race kits and then I just got lazy. Why am I finally mentioning this? Because this past weekend I ran my first race as part of the team and could not be happier.

Initially I was planning on using this race as more of a training run with no goals. But its been months since I’ve raced and I was a little nervous going into the race, especially with a team of people there supporting and depending on me. It was a weird feeling, but I kind of liked it!

I started out rather conservative, running just on feel as I left the Garmin at home again. I had my sports watch on so I was able to do math in my head along the course. Math in my head is hard, especially when running, but it keeps me distracted. I hit the first mile at 8:25.

Hippity Hop 10K Race 2013

I was shocked. It felt good. Slightly comfortable but not unbearable. There was a chance I’d be able to maintain this pace for 5 more miles. Just maybe.

Turns out that was a very maintainable pace. Heck, my first mile was probably my slowest! And I know my fastest full miles were between mile 4 and mile 6. I don’t remember my exact split – I should have written them down right away – but I know I was hitting 8 – 8:05 in the last two miles which means I was definitely running negative splits.

For the entire race I was chasing a girl ahead of me. She was wearing white shorts and a white t-shirt. She was the “white chick” I was so focused on catching up to. But I couldn’t I tried, so hard, for 6 freaking miles. The space between us stayed consistent throughout the race, give or take 10 feet or so. I wanted so badly to catch her in the last mile but it wasn’t happening. But I can’t hate her for it – she kept me moving forward…and faster! So thank you, random chick wearing white!

Hippity Hop 10K Race 2013Hippity Hop 10K Race 2013

Turns out I was a mere 4 seconds behind her…and had I gotten in front of her I would have managed to get myself an age group award! So close! Four freaking seconds! But man, four seconds sure looks like a long ways out when you’re chasing someone!

Even though I don’t have a fancy bunny medal to make me feel cool I did run my way to a PR! Going into the race I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull off a PR. I had no idea where I stood when it came to actually racing. Turns out I haven’t completely forgotten how to play it smart out there!

I crossed the finish line in 51:26 which gave me a pace of 8:17. That definitely trumps my 2009 PR of 55:55! It only took me a solid four years to beat that PR. Although, I would like to point out that I haven’t run many 10Ks over the past few years…so I don’t completely suck as a runner!


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    • You should consider it…especially if its back in CO next year! I was a bad blogger and didn’t post about it at all last year – so many people taking pictures and recapping but this year I just might be responsible!

  1. Dang speedy Gonzalez!!! You go get it with your bad self. I might be able to run that fast for ONE mile, but I don’t think I’d enjoy it!!

    Any-who, right before I read this, I ate some of my homemade chips with some homemade guacamole with tomatoes and cilantro. Love, love, love. Next well, I’ll probably make some pineapple pico de gallo for dipping. I love chips.
    Kayla recently posted..At least It Happened on April Fool’s Day!My Profile

    • I would have never been able to maintain a pace like that for long…probably not even a mile…before I started doing group speed work. I can’t say that I love the speed work every week but it apparently pays off! If you get the chance to run with a group, do it!

  2. First off congrats on the BRC racing team thing! That’s so bamf! Secondly, I would LOVE to win the box of popchips because a. I love them already and b. I can’t keep snacks in the house fast enough! My favorite way to eat chips are with salsa! (Or, French onion dip if im feeling extra sassy)

    • Thanks…I’m telling Chris I’m a BAMF now, just because you said so! I’ve been running at group runs for over a year now and I love the atmosphere – if you ever get a chance to check out the store/group runs in Boulder I’d recommend it!

      PS – Dean’s French Onion dip is where its at…the only brand I’ll eat!
      Heidi Nicole recently posted..Hippity Hop 10K {race recap + giveaway}My Profile

  3. Aww man! Awesome PR! What a great race. And I love that you used the “white chick” to pace!

    Hmm, favorite way to eat chips?! With something savory. So naughty, but I mean with a pasta dish or something. CARB overload! (note: I don’t do this that often ;))
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    • Thank you! It feels great to know my body is rocking at life right now!

      I can’t say that I’ve ever had chips with a pasta dish…unless you count the Stacy’s Pita Chips – those are pasta worthy, especially with the extra sauce!

  4. Great PR! Stumbled on your blog looking for pattern to make Bondi bands of my own. Bonus that you’re originally from WI…that’s my home state! I like potato chips dipped in Top the Tater!

    • Are you going to try making Bondi Bands? If so, let me know how it goes!

      I should probably update that page to say I still have the bands I made! I don’t wear them a ton now that I’m in CO (not nearly as cold and super sunny so if I have anything across my forehead I get crazy tan lines!) but I do still have them and will wear them to the gym!

  5. I like chips. My favorite weird way is on sandwiches. Like, potato chips on peanut butter and jelly…gives it that lil extra something. :) ps…I like your giveaway odds.

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