Platte River Half {recap + PR!}

My body and I…we are the best of buddies right now! We completely rocked at life yesterday during the Platte River Half Marathon! And I say “we” because as ridiculous as it sounds there was a body and a brain running this race. My body was feeling great and even though I went into the race with very minimal expectations my brain did a fantastic job of keeping itself together and being an extremely Positive Patrice! At any point one or the other could have fallen apart, but that didn’t happen – we stayed in tune, we ran hard and we did amazing!

After my stellar oopsy daisy 7.5 mile run I was rolling in a big, stinky pile of self-confidence and committed to the Platter River Half, almost on a whim. I’d half heartedly tried to recruit people to run the relay with me but that wasn’t panning out so I decided to just go for it.

I had high hopes for 4 weeks of pseudo training. It’s a little disheartening to realize you suck at even pseudo training! My long runs didn’t exactly happen but I did manage to get in a lot of hard miles – trails, hills, speed. Apparently that worked out for me, although I definitely was not prepared for what happened on race day!

Come race day I was nervous. I’d talked myself down to a “lets be happy if its not the slowest half you’ve ever run” kind of mindset when it came to pace. But as far as the actual running – I was really happy to be out there. I had no pressure on me – I just needed to make it to the finish and hopefully enjoy myself.

Platte River Half MarathonPlatte River Half Marathon - Team BRC
…pre-race, team photo courtesy of Sean and the BRC FB page

I  hit the first mile marker at 8:50 – according to my cheapy stopwatch, I’m still avoiding the Garmin. It felt pretty easy but I had no clue if I could hold it for 12 more miles. Not ready to give up on myself I decided to just let my legs do their thing. I told myself to keep it steady and comfortable – I was not allowed to hate my life until mile 10.

Surprisingly the miles just ticked by. By the time I hit mile 2 I was feeling really good about my pace. Sure, it was early in the race but from that point on I hit a fairly solid 9 minute mile for every mile. I’m not sure on the exact seconds as my stop watch doesn’t do that great of a job but if I took the current minutes and added 9 I’d know what the watch would say at the next mile marker.

Platte River Half Marathon - Team BRC
…post race smiles, before we fed our faces with tons of food…

Yes, that is right – I ran the Platte River Half in 1:57.35! I am ecstatic with that time! Not only did I manage to beat a PR from 2009, I broke 2 hours! A huge freaking deal for me!

I knew I was going to come close to a PR in the first 5 miles of the race – its what kept me going. I refused to slow down for anything because I’d be so upset if I missed the PR by seconds! That is one big benefit of running/racing Garmin free – all math is rounded and you can’t get too comfy with the numbers!

I didn’t actually let myself believe I’d break 2 hours until I started chatting with the guy next to me at mile 11 – thanks man, saying “I think I’ll make it in under 2 hours” felt so good! And thank you for the banter on the way up that stupid hill! I meant to catch you at the finish line but got distracted in my quest for water!

Also, thanks a million times over to Boulder Running Company and Brooks for the opportunity to rock at life, the Buckhorn Exchange for feeding my face and Blue Bell for topping of my morning with ice cream! I don’t want to be a bloggy billboard, but all of these people helped make Sunday so freaking awesome, so thank you!

Platte River Half MarathonPlatte River Half Marathon

And how are my legs today?! They don’t even know they ran a race yesterday! Well, I didn’t run today or anything, but getting out of bed and walking down the stairs felt the same as it did last week! I cannot put into words how proud I am of my body. I don’t know what I’m doing but whatever it is…my body likes it and I don’t plan on messing it up! Maybe it was all those Easter jelly beans…?!

**Last chance to get your name in the hat for my popchips giveaway – they were meant to celebrate my 10K PR but I think its only right to extend the celebration to celebrate this PR, I’ll keep the giveaway open until tomorrow night!**

EDIT: Speaking of giveaways…at the Platte River Half I entered the Brooks Cavalcade giveaway. At the post-race shindig I was lucky enough to walk away with a new Brooks tshirt. This morning I got an email saying I was a Brooks Cavalcade winner. Wha? More winning?! Whoo hoo! I get to pick out $500 worth of Brooks gear! Freaking amazing! So excited about this, works out perfect with the Boulder Running Company Brooks Team! I’ll be back with some opinions as I own very, very few pieces of Brooks gear!


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    • Thank you…I’m kind of excited to see what I can do with races this year!

      The shorts actually aren’t too bad, except for the fact I always pin my bib to my short, not my shirt – not a lot of room to pin on those suckers!

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