Making Lists…of Travel Wishes

Its been a long day. Our alarm went off at 4am this morning and started out very rainy first leg of the trip back to Denver. When we woke up it was dry outside, when we left 30 minutes later it was pouring. I do miss a good rain! The sound, the smell, the feel…

Not to be out done Denver felt compelled to welcome us back with our favorite thing ever…snow! Gee, thanks Denver! Ever hear the saying “April showers bring May flowers”? It doesn’t say anything about snow!

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The snow was actually extremely beautiful today and our flight was on time so its all good. Speaking of flights. On the plane I do one of three things – sleep, read, write. Today I wrote. Nothing even remotely exciting to most – I made lists. Lots of lists!

I used up half my notebook deciding where all our money went, what I needed to do with my day and places we need to travel. The travel bit was prompted by the Southwest napkins of all the places they fly. Our list looks something like this…

Place to Visit in the US/Canada

  • Yosemite National Park – CA – June
  • Sequoia National Park – CA – June
  • Salt Flats – UT – June
  • Napa Valley – CA – June ?
  • Lake Tahoe – CA/NV – June
  • Las Vegas – NV – June/Summer 2014
  • Mount Rushmore – SD – July
  • Badlands – SD – July
  • Black Hills – SD – July
  • Yellowstone National Park – WY
  • Grand Canyon – AZ
  • Columbia River Gorge – OR
  • Whistler – BC
  • Niagara Falls – NY/BC
  • Arches National Park – UT
  • Appalachian Mountains – WV/VA
  • Denali National Park – AK

It seems like a long list – but considering we’ll be cutting it almost in half this summer I should probably be expanding on it! Have you been to any of these places? Do you recommend anything special? What are we missing on our list?!

BTW – I am exhausted from traveling and work and everything else – hopefully this post makes sense. I’m laying on the floor to write it and I literally dozed off a few times. Rather sad considering out short this post is!


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  1. That’s a good list! I’ve been to a few of those. We went to denali when we were in Alaska last summer. Very cool. When you go to Vegas, you should think about driving there. That part of Utah is beautiful. I’ve made the drive about 5 times and it’s so worth it.
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    • We do a lot more driving around then flying around. We are driving from CO to CA this June – we’ll drive thru UT, make a quick stop in Vegas then continue on our way. Probably won’t do Vegas justice, but I’m not sure I’ll be much of a Vegas person…we’ll find out!

  2. I’ve been to a lot of those, and YES on Yellowstone! I love that place– I think it is so beautiful. Will and I are going there next January to explore it via cross country skis– can you imagine how stunning it will be with the cold fog and white snow on the ground?
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  3. My husband and I are headed to Yosemite this June, too (via Vegas)! This will be our third time to Yosemite, and it’s just incredible. My best advice: Go up :) The higher in elevation you go, the fewer people you’ll contend with. Yosemite Valley is a must-visit for all of the iconic sites. The only downside are the massive crowds (which weren’t too bad when we first visited in June 2010, but could be worse this year with the nice weather they’re already having). The Mist Trail from the Valley up to Vernal and Nevada Falls is a great hike. Finally, I recommend traveling into the high country, to the Tuolumne Meadows areas. Fewer crowds and incredible scenery. Have fun!

    • That is awesome! Thanks for the advice! We’ll be doing a round trip drive from CO, thru Vegas, stay in Fresno and drive out to the parks from there. I’m really excited! Then our drive home will go the “long way” through Lake Tahoe and SLC. Lots of exploring, lots of time in the car! We’re hoping that being there early in June will help us avoid people (and overpriced accommodations!)

    • We are doing some serious bonding with our car – round trip drive from CO to CA and back with a lot of stops along the way. Then we are making a trip back home and driving so there will be some park pit stops. Basically, lots of car time! We’ll either love or hate our car when we are done!

  4. Let’s see… I HAVEN’T been to Napa, Columbia, Whistler, or Arches (My family did a LOT of huge road trips when I was growing up!). They’re all just awe-inspiring, each for different reasons. I’m glad that you have South Dakota on your list; it’s one of my favorite regions and one that so many people don’t think about.

    If you want to camp in Shenandoah on your Appalachian trip (and I recommend it!), make sure to make reservations if you’re there in tourist season. It fills up. Also, consider whitewater rafting the New River or Gauley in WV. :)

    Have you ever been to the Smokies? We camped there for our honeymoon and they are absolutely beautiful. I would try to go either before or after the main tourist season because it’s so popular. We honeymooned in early May and had perfect weather. When I was a kid we camped there in the fall and it was stunning.
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    • I will saying driving straight through the Dakotas and Nebraska is freaking boring, but I think its a safe bet that the national parks will be worth the trip!

      We’ve never been east – I was in OH and TN as a kid, but that is it. I love the Rocky Mtns and really want to see what the Eastern half of the US has to offer! I’ve heard great things about the Appalachians.

      And going in the off season just makes more sense for us – we can handle off weather, won’t have school schedules to deal with and would prefer to avoid the masses!

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