Westminster Women’s Classic 5K Recap {PR}

Short & Sweet

On Sunday I ran a 5K…actually, I raced it. I’m not sure if I’ve ever “raced” a 5K, if so, its been years. I went out too fast. I spent the last 1.5 miles trying not to puke. We ran thru nearly knee deep water, twice. Aside from the puke fighting, I had fun.

I started near the front and stayed there, sort of. I crossed the finish line in 11th place, with a time of 24:14. This put me 1st in my AG {after they removed the top 5 overall…minor detail, I was 2nd before that}. I got to stand on a podium. And I beat my 2009 5K PR!

Long & Detailed

I spent about two weeks going back and forth on this race. It wasn’t until Friday morning that I finally committed. Initially I had my eye on the 10 Miler – they got fancy medals, but I was smart and stuck with the 5K. I schemed it out this way so I could race the 5K then meet up with Lynne to run some hills later in the day. So 5K it was…then on Saturday night I realized I was terrified of racing a 5K. I have not actually raced a 5K in…years. Lots of years. At least not on purpose. I came dangerously close to a PR last fall, but I had signed up for the 10K and just bailed out early.

Somehow I managed to unintentionally run the “ahh, I’m a wimp” Panerathon 5K much smarter than I ran the WWC 5K.

I didn’t have a plan for the WWC race and I’d left my Garmin in the car so it was just me and my handy little Timex. Plus a pair of fairly tired, yet rather cocky legs and a fancy, neon yellow “BRC Racing Team” shirt that made me feel all sorts of invincible.

Westminster Womens Classic Race Recap
…Jena and I, pre-race…
…she also rocked the 10K with 6th overall, 1st AG…

Turns out the field wasn’t all that competitive in this race – I spent the first mile in 5th place. This definitely does not usually happen to me. As in, its never happened before. I didn’t know what to do with myself…so I kept on running, on adrenaline. Not the best plan ever. Way too optimistic for me. My first mile was a 7:08…that’s a 1 mile PR for me. That’s just stupid in a 5K. Especially when you sign up for the 5K on a last minute whim.

Westminster Womens Classic Race RecapWestminster Womens Classic Race Recap
…starting out, near the front – oddly enough none of the front line of people finished in the top 5…
…can we just take a minute to make fun of me in the 2nd photos, what is my leg doing?! and my arms?!…

By the half way point I started to consider up chucking my breakfast. I have never had that urge while running before. My second mile was somewhere around 8:05ish. Yea, I was paying for that fast first mile! But I can’t help it…do you have any idea how cool it feels to be able to actually see the bike lead while you are running?! Way cool – I need to do more speed work so this can happen more often!

Unfortunately I spent the last half of the race focusing on not puking. I hate the idea of puking and I was not going to throw away a PR just to chase down the girl in front of me so I reigned it in a bit and just focused on keeping ahead of the chick behind me. Besides, if I lost my breakfast on the course I still had to make it back to the finish somehow…

We also got to run through nearly knee deep water…twice! I was actually kind of pumped about this when they apologetically announced this before the races started. It was a warm day and splashing through puddles sounded fun. They did say it was about 5 inches deep, but I figured they were exaggerating to keep us prepared.

They were not exaggerating. By the time the 5K’ers got there – we started after the 10 Milers and the 10K’ers – it was a lot closer to 8 inches. And on the way back through {out and back course} it got deeper, probably bordering on 12 inches. And yes, I pulled out a tape measure and measured my legs so those numbers are fairly legit. That’s a lot of water to run through. But running through it was so much fun – there was some serious splashing! By the time I made it through I was soaked to my chest!

Westminster Womens Classic Race RecapWestminster Womens Classic Race Recap
…the “puddle” with 5K walkers, it got deeper…
…photos kidnapped from with 3W FB page {race organizer}

I imagine this water was a real pain for the 10 Milers – I do not want to think about running that far with soaking wet shoes. My toes probably would not approve. And it kept getting deeper so I’m sure their last mile was rather water logged!

Some days I love out and back courses because you can see all the other runners. Other days I really don’t like them because you know just how far you have to go to get to the finish. Sunday was one of those other days…the last mile dragged on forever. I had no hope of catching anyone in front of me and couldn’t hear the girl behind me so it became a “let’s see how much you can PR by” kind of race. Oh, and “let’s not puke at the finish, that’d be gross” kind of effort. Rather conflicting goals, but I survived.

I attempted to gracefully cross the finish line and stopped my watch at 24:15…definitely beat my old 25:05 PR! Then I sat down. And did not throw up. I was very proud of myself. Official chip time put me at 24:14, a pace of 7:48! Totally shocked, totally awesome, totally worth the puke feeling!

Westminster Womens Classic Race RecapWestminster Womens Classic Race Recap
Westminster Womens Classic Race RecapWestminster Womens Classic Race Recap
…I will not puke, I will not puke, I will not puke…
…lots of focus on the breathing so the food stayed where it belonged…

The finish line of this race was awesome – they handed out cold washcloths and had a big buffet of bagels, bananas and cinnamon rolls. They didn’t have water cups or bottles, but we all knew this from the get go – instead they provided bins for people to put their water bottles into and had big coolers of cold water. I love that they were being conservative about this. They did have water on the course, which is important, but we all have reusable water bottles of our own. Might as well encourage people to put them to use!

I knew I had a chance at placing in my Age Group – this race awarded the top 5 overall, then pulled them from the AG awards. With only 10 people in front of me there was a very good chance I might get to feel special!

While I hung around waiting for official results I wandered over to a massage tent with a foam roller, rewarded myself with bundt cake samples and spun a wheel to win a fancy tumbler. And I waved my arms around enough to snag one of the tech shirts they were tossing…I now have a shirt that says I ran Ragnar Las Vegas. I didn’t. But I’m still wearing the shirt!

Results went up…I was 2nd in my age group overall. Yay! Go me! Even better…the person who placed 1st in my age group was in the top 5, which defaulted me to 1st in my age group. Double yay!

Westminster Womens Classic Race Recap

Guess I was going to have to hang around a bit longer for the awards…I wanted my winners swag! Unfortunately the awards started about 45 minutes later than scheduled. That definitely threw a wrench into my plans for the rest of the day but Lynne was awesome and didn’t even hate me for pushing our run back!

Eventually awards started and I got my chance to feel awesome…while standing on a podium! It was pretty cool. I think I need to do more speed work, just so I can feel this cool again! We got a medal

As for the puking thing? I have no solid reason for this. I think I was just completely unprepared to run fast. My morning eating was fairly normal but the day before I at maybe 1.5 meals total. Definitely not adequate fueling but I was working and never felt hungry. Oddly enough that’s how my body works when I’m working in a restaurant, food = gross. Now I know for next time…


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    • “working hard”…I much prefer that to “hoping for a quick death”! 😉

      And thank you, the actual running wasn’t that much fun, but the race and its organizers were awesome!

  1. Awesome awesome PR and AG placement! That must have been so fun to run through the water! Were people stopping to slow down and walk through it? I suppose not in the lead. It must have been so neat to be up front the whole time!

    Most times I really go all out on a 5K I feel like I might throw up. Not the watery taste in your mouth, but just an upset stomach. I think that is typical for a 5K!
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  3. about that one photo you were doing the chicken dance and did not know it!!! Congratulations!! You look good on the podium!

    • Thanks!
      Some people were pretty upset about the water – but this past week was the first time in over a year CO has actually been able to complain about too much water. And I’m kind of a child at heart! 😉

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