Fun on a 14er…

When you have amazing weather you can’t just hike up a 14er and call it a day. You have to have a little fun with it. As we were playing around with photos Chris decided I should jump off the mountain…or at least make it look that way. So I did…

Mt Elbert - Summit

…or I tried. Turns out fake jumping off a mountain isn’t the easiest thing ever. Especially when the snow gets squishy close to the edge and there really is a drop off! So I went for running instead…

Mt Elbert - SummitMt Elbert - Summit

It was actually a lot of fun being crazy up on the top of a 14er. There was only one other group up there for the majority of the time and the summit was eerily still. This was our 4th summit and the first one we didn’t feel like we were going to get blown off of it! It was so still and quiet.

Our ride down was even more fun then frolicking around on the summit. Since we had hiked about a mile up in the snow we had to get down all that snow. On the way up I was kind of dreading the downhill…lots of opportunities to slip and fall on my butt. Lynne had a better plan! Sliding! Or, more technically, glissading…

Mt Elbert - GlissadingMt Elbert - Glissading

…or you can be cool like Chris and do the penguin slide. We all did a little glissading. It’s a lot of fun and much quicker than running down the mountain. But it is also cold and wet! I was just wearing running capris so after .02 seconds on my butt I was soaking wet! And unlike fluffy powder, this snow was not soft. It felt a lot like sliding down a hill of sand!

Lynne had the best glissading skills {and pants…?} so she plowed us some awesome trails on the way down. We literally slide our way down 97% of the snow covered parts of the mountain! This is only a small portion of our slide…

Mt Elbert - Glissading

Looks pretty cool doesn’t it? Next time we should pack up a sled. Actually, considering our ability to just barely stay alive on very short sledding hills sledding down a 14er on a sheet of plastic probably isn’t a very good plan!

And to close out this post of silly photos…for the first time ever I’ve actually snipped and compiled the limited footage we have from our hike! Chris used the GoPro at the top and recorded a short bit of glissading.

On a side note – the site I usually get royalty free music from is now charging. If you make YouTube videos what do you use? I don’t download music in any other way so when I’m creative enough to add music I’m kind of at a loss now…


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  1. great I am not ignoring you Just working lots Prairie Du Sa for the weekend. Hot Muggy Rainy here Love ya. Love your pictures Looks like great fun!!!

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