Hiking with Friends…and Sunscreen!

One Thursday morning I picked my friend, Amy, up at the airport. We went directly from the airport to Boulder for some hiking. Nothing like adjusting to the altitude by starting out your first day with a hike up Mt Sanitas! We met up with Lauren and started our hike.

Mt Sanitas - Boulder Hiking

I’d been smart that morning and lathered on some sunscreen before leaving for my early AM run…but only because I’ve made some big sunscreen mistakes in the past week or so. I didn’t forget the sunscreen, I just forgot a few patches of skin. So, if you are outside don’t forget to put sunscreen…

…under the tip of your nose, especially if you are going to hike over snow that will reflect sun back under your nose, otherwise you’ll have a little burnt nose tip and that hurts.

…on the sliver of skin that sticks out between your pack straps and your tank top or you’ll end up with a funny looking, painful tiger stripe.

…the patch of skin between your lower lip and goatee face fur or you’ll end up having a chin that looks like you drooled for hours on a windy day. {from Chris’s experience}

…along the part in your hair when you pull back your bangs, otherwise, over the course of a week you get multiple tiny lines of burnt scalp that make using a comb or brush painful.

…up to and under the seam of your clothes or you’ll have funny looking red finger marks along the edge of your tank top straps.

…between your ears and your side burns or the side of your face will start to peel awkwardly. {from Chris’s experience}

And those are just the stupid mistakes we’ve made this year…so far. They should something like a black light to wave over your body to determine if you’re fully covered.

Mt Sanitas - Boulder HikingMt Sanitas - Boulder Hiking

Luckily I was smart enough to properly plaster myself with sunscreen for our “welcome to Colorado” adventure. We had a wonderful hike and we all managed to soak up just enough Vitamin D to keep us happy without become lobstery! All while staying on the ground, despite what the Colorado wind was trying to do. Its been crazy windy here lately…hopefully it dies done a bit before the Underwearness 5K tonight!


Hiking with Friends…and Sunscreen! — 10 Comments

  1. It’s great to look at your sunny pictures!

    We only get the sun in liquid version at the moment. It has been the wettest May in ages…. and sun until quite low.
    Silvia recently posted..Rain…My Profile

    • The sun here is so sneaky! And even with sunscreen I end up with ridiculous tan lines – like my watch line, running shorts, socks, etc. I look so silly in a swim suit!

    • I learned the hard way when we first moved out here – its not quite as sweaty without the humidity but I burn twice as fast! I think we beat the sun this weekend – just wait until you see the photos of Chris and his “the sun is evil” get up!

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