Drop Your Drawers 5K {PR!}

Short Story

I ran a 5K on Friday evening with Lynne and Amy. I wanted to actually race it but wasn’t convinced I’d be happy with my time…I sucked it up and tried to run fast. I did run fast. Too fast in the first mile, as per usual. That made mile 2 and 3 feel horrible, also to be expected. But I survived and I PR’ed! Again! We celebrated by staring at zoo animals. It was a good night.

Long Story

As you may have guessed about my “Hiking with Friends…and Sunscreen” post my friend – Amy – is in town visiting. No one is allowed to have a nice, relaxing vacation when they visit us. We plan all sorts of stuff and make them get outside. We hiked and trail ran on Thursday but that wasn’t enough. On Friday night Amy and I met up with Lynne at City Park for the Underwearness Drop Your Drawers 5K. Yup, if you visit me I might make you run a race…and hike a 14er, but more on that later!

I was a little nervous about the race – I’ve been on a PR streak this year and I’m starting to feel the pressure. This would be the first distance repeat this year so I wasn’t chasing a 4 year old PR, I was going to have to take down a 3 week old PR. I’m not exactly training so the stars needed to align…or I just needed to race smart.

The stars must have aligned because I definitely did NOT race smart. The start line was kind of confusing and I ended up starting out way too fast. I decided to wear my Garmin for the race so I could control my speed. That didn’t exactly work. Instead I just freaked out the numbers I was seeing. In the first quarter mile I was 6:03. Not kidding. Now, I realize the Garmin time isn’t exactly spot on, but still, that is an insane number for me. And it was followed by a half mile of 6:xx. I tried to slow down. I swear. But at the moment I felt fairly comfortable.

Drop Your Drawers 5K - Underwearness - City Park Denver - Race Photo

That all changed way too soon. I finally slowed myself down as we started into Mile 2. But I slowed down more than I should have. My average time was getting closer and closer to my 7:45 pace goal. Then it went over. Shoot. This meant my last mile was spent playing catch up.

Drop Your Drawers 5K - Underwearness - City Park Denver - Race Photo

My Garmin gave me all sorts of fun data. Most days I’m not loving the data is spits out but maybe I can learn a thing or two from what it had to say about Friday’s race!

Mile 1: 7:30
Mile 2: 7:59
Mile 3: 7:52

Well, at least my feeling of too fast…too slow…ah, catch up…were spot on!

Fastest Mile: 5:36

Clearly that happened in the first mile of pure insanity. What was I thinking?!

The Garmin also said that the final distance was only 2.93. Oops…a short course. But it doesn’t matter, I’m still counting my 22:47 finish as a PR! If long courses count as a PR/not PR then I think short courses should count too. I’ll just have to race smarter and run faster next time…

Besides, my average Garmin pace of 7:47 would have put me at a PR even with a full 3.1 mile race. The “official pace” according to the timing site is just scary – its telling me I ran the 5K with a 7:21 pace. It actually feels awesome to say! Maybe someday I’ll even pull that off!

Drop Your Drawers 5K - Underwearness - City Park Denver - Race Photo

But enough race babble – let’s talk about the real fun stuff that went down on Friday night…the after party at the Denver Zoo! This is what drew us in last year but we failed to read all the details on the site and never went to the zoo. That wasn’t happening this year – we were going to the zoo! Mostly for the animals but also to partake in the free drink tickets we got…

Drop Your Drawers 5K - Underwearness - City Park Denver - Race Photo
…Annaliza, Amy, myself and Lynne…

They had Sierra Nevada and Barefoot available to trade for the drink tickets plus Wicked Hard samples. There was also a live band and food available to purchase. We snagged our drinks and were distracted by all the animals in the zoo, never making it back in time for music or food. Whoops. But we did manage to entertain the photographer for a few seconds…

Drop Your Drawers 5K - Underwearness - City Park Denver - Race Photo
Drop Your Drawers 5K - Underwearness - City Park Denver - Race Photo
…because its normal to chase down photographers…

The event was a huge success…for my 5K PR and for Underwearness. I’ve been working with them over the past year to keep their website and social media updated. This spring they put on a record-breaking event with over 900 participants that helped raise more than $25,000 for the Underwearness organization!

Underwearness raises awareness…for underwear! More specifically, they help get new underwear to children in need. Whatever the reason for the need Underwearness wants every child to have the luxury of new, clean underwear! Underwearness is making every effort to get new undies to the kids…one pair at a time! If you’d like more information please check out their website, follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook page!

Lynne rocked at life on Friday night and walked away with a fancy new PR. She questions whether it’s a valid PR since it was on a “short course” according to the Garmin…what are your thoughts?

All watermarked photos were taken by Focus Tree Photoraphy, the photographer at the race. A special thanks to them for being awesome photographers and playing along with the BRC crazies!


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  2. she is not kidding she tries to kill you when you visit her!!! They take you all over and get upa t insane hours of the day.ugh but I love it every time and have not died yet.

  3. Way to go speedy! I would be questioning the PR on a short course, like Lynne, as well. Did the officials say anything? It’s hard when you only have your watch to go off of!

    That sounds like my kind of fun when visiting someone – lots of outdoors activities!

    • Officials didn’t say anything – but the park’s trails were under a lot of construction so they didn’t have a ton of control. Being short was definitely accidental/unavoidable if it was legitimately short as the start/finish was at the same place. The main reason I have to stick with a short course is because if it was a long course according to the Garmin I’d have to accept that too…

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