Running The Trails

The best way to run is with friends…on trails. Lately I’ve been finding more and more reasons to get away from the pavement and onto the trails. Whether is a wide gravel trail or a rocky single track the trails always trump the cement!

Trail Running - Centennial Cone - Golden, CO

Out on the trails numbers don’t matter, walking the tough stuff is acceptable, hills are plentiful and the scenery is unbelievable. If you meet people they say hi and smile. Animals are all around you – usually it’s just birds, rabbits and squirrels but every once in a while you see something bigger like deer, elk or coyotes.

Trail Running - Centennial Cone - Golden, CO

You can easily get lost in your own head. I usually make plans for my future. Sometimes I plan out my week, other times I fantasize about my far away future – like retirement or homeownership or something scary like that.

All of this is even more fun with friends. You get to share the views, you have someone to take photos of and there is a lot of chatting…on the down hill. As soon as you hit the uphill conversation usually gets put on hold with “can’t talk…must breath…”.

Trail Running - Centennial Cone - Golden, CO

If you haven’t tried trail running you really go find a trail! It doesn’t require anything more than plain old running. Well, a little extra concentration and dexterity is helpful when dodging the rocks in the trail but that’s about it. On your next run skip the sidewalk and find a nearby tail! Just bring water – it’ll come in handy.

Trail Running - Centennial Cone - Golden, CO

While you don’t need extra stuff for trail running there are a few things that I’ve added to my run bag {aka: gym bag for the great outdoors}. Definitely not required, but I like to think these little extras make my runs better:

    • Garmin/GPS – to track distance/elevation and make me feel hardcore later, the pace never really matters on a trail
    • Phone/Camera – to attempt to capture nature and take it home with me
    • Trail Shoes – the stiff soles make the rocks less noticeable
    • Water – always, always, always – sometimes a handheld, sometimes a water belt, sometimes the Camelbak
    • Friends – see above…

If you are looking for trails near you check out Technically its made for sharing trail information among mountain bikers but there is a lot of helpful information. You can also pull up a Google Map view of your area, make sure you are in “map” mode and look for green areas – this usually means it’s a park of some sort. Put Google to work and with a few clicks you’ll have a place to try out trail running!

Trail Running - Centennial Cone - Golden, CO

All the photos in this post were taken last Saturday while running with Lynne and Amy at Centennial Cone – a great park west of Golden with miles of trails. Its multi-use on the weekdays but the weekends alternate between hiking and biking.


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