The Dog Days Of Summer…?

It’s not quite summer and Fred is not a dog. However, it sure felt like summer today and Fred was acting an awful lot like a dog!

I spent a few hours of my afternoon sitting at my computer desk pecking away at the keyboard. After about 20 minutes of prancing around my desk, laying on my arms and literally nosing the thumb pad on my laptop {while I was trying to use the actual mouse…} he decided to lay by my feet. Like a dog. He gave me the stink eye every time I moved my chair!


He is such a weirdo. Over the few hours of “cat napping” he took on the poses of “The Sphinx”, “The Exhibitionist”, “Thumper The Rabbit” and “Dead Cat”. His foot was comically twitching in his “Thumper” pose – I think he was out to get that poor teddy bear head!

And all those GoPro parts laying on the floor? We had them out to GoPro the odd storm that came through early this afternoon. It was bright and sunny with fluffy clouds in the sky but lightning and thundering like crazy from one small, black cloud. Of course, we were not lucky enough to get a shot of the lightning {probably because we didn’t think to record anything until it was nearly past…} but the Denver Airport was just lucky enough to avoid a tornado today! That is one crazy looking tornado!

2013-06-18 13.57.09
…this is what Fred thought of the thunder – he hated it…

PS – If you are really excited about summer and happen to be in the Denver area you can come celebrate with us on Friday night! We are getting a group of locals together for a trail run, pizza and goodie bags. It’s a great excuse to get outside, enjoy the longest day of the year, see what is bound to be a stellar sunset AND moonrise. Plus, we are using this event as a fundraiser for the Care & Share Food Bank of Colorado Springs – once again that region is getting hit hard with wildfires and thousands of people have lost homes. You can find all the details on the BlendsGiving website!


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