Refueling with the Refreshing! {BlendsGiving}

Happy Summer! Yup, it is officially summer time! And thankfully summer has brought us some humidity and even a little rain. On Sunday night it thundered for hours. Not a lot of run but a ton of thunder and lightning. Fred hated it – lots of belly crawling, but I loved it.

I love to just listen to the thunder. So much so that I forced Chris to head outside at 8pm just so I could get away from traffic sounds and listen to the rumble of thunder. We went at the perfect time – there were some huge thunder boomers that you could feel in your chest!

The weather of the weekend was pretty perfect, at least for what we had planned. On Friday night I met up with some local Denver bloggers for BlendsGiving which is basically a great excuse to chat, explore new trails and give back to the community – namely the Share and Care Food Bank of Colorado Springs where the wildfires have once again burned hundreds of houses.

2013-06-21 19.37.20
2013-06-21 20.14.31
…exploring the trails of Matthews/Winters Park – if you look close you can see us far off on the trail in the 2nd photo…

We’d hoped to get a beautiful sunset and a stunning moonrise. The event started out great and while it was overcast it was just the right temperature, the scenery was gorgeous and we had good company. To round out our night Chris earned some serious Husband Points by picking up the BlendsGiving pizza which we inhaled along with delicious frozen treats from GoodPop.

Andrew, from GoodPop, was kind enough to meet us at the trailhead just to share his stash of GoodPops. We also learned that there is such a thing as an “ice cream convention” and apparently they have samples! Anyone want to head to Vegas in October?! Oh, and Andrew let it slip that he might forget to get on his flight back to Texas but I can’t blame him, I love it here too! Colorado Rocks…my neon shirt says so, so it must be true!

2013-06-21 20.48.18
…just hanging out in the dark with GoodPop popsicles, nothing weird here…

Unfortunately all the smoke from the fires along with some odd colored thunderheads kept the sunset hidden but we did get to see the moon rise over the city. I love full moons…almost as much as I love thunder! Of course, not everything can be perfect and the thunderheads brought lightning, rain and wind so we ended the night with a mad dash to our cars!

Lynne, Lena, me, Alex & Jenica + excited pups…

It was a great night, thank you ladies so much for coming out and a very special thank you to KIND granola, Eldorado Natural Springs water, Boulder Running Company and especially GoodPop for filling our goodie bags and making all of this happen!

The rest of my weekend consisted of a lot of sitting on the couch, quality computer time, lots of puppy love at DFL and some serious recovery after a fairly active week. Rotting away your brain watching pointless reruns on TV counts as recovery, right?!

Bring it on Monday!


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