Speed {+Agility} Work at BRC

At exactly 5:48pm this afternoon I shoveled the last spoonful of Marshmallow Matey’s {the funemployed girls Lucky Charms…with twice as many marshmallows!} into my mouth, jumped from the couch and grabbed whatever run clothes I could find. I was going running and I only had 12 minutes to get my act together!

Earlier in the day I’d talked myself out of Wednesday’s group work – I ran this morning and had a race on Thursday morning. Plus it was hot out and the couch was comfy. Then I remembered we were demoing Adidas shoes at Boulder Running Company tonight so out the door I went!

…my motivators of the run…
…breakfast at 5:30pm & Adidas ADIOS – world record breaking shoes….

The closer I got to BRC the crazier the traffic got. Not normal at all…maybe there was an accident?! When I pulled into the gigantic BRC parking lot it was nearly full. Weird. As I made my way into the store I noticed masses of people carrying camping chairs and coolers. Huh?

Fireworks. Duh.

By the way – it is July…almost July 4th. Fireworks happen. Who knew?!

More importantly we have enough moisture here in Colorado that only half the counties have banned public fireworks!

Turns out there are fireworks tonight at 9:30pm at the park adjacent to the lake we run around for speed work. This meant our speed work got a little more complicated and involved a LOT of people dodging! And people watching…I am so glad I’m far beyond my teenage years! I’d completely suck at pulling off today’s “fashion”!


Even with all the people it was a solid workout. We did 7 x 1 minute repeats at a 5K pace…or something close to that. I left the Garmin in the car and ran only by feel. The weather was beautiful – cloudy, below 90 degrees, a bit of a breeze and just humid enough to make us extra sweaty!

I’m currently sitting at the bookstore near the park trying to decide if I have the patients to hang around until the 9:30pm fireworks…and then deal with all the people. I really want to see fireworks but based upon the number of parents letting their kids run screaming through the bookstore I’m thinking patients is not a virtue I have today…

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you all have an awesome long weekend, lots of fireworks and piles of amazing BBQ food! We are working the weekend but I do have a race tomorrow morning and we have plans for camping and hiking early next week! I’ll be back next week with stories…or photos…or something exciting. Maybe.


Speed {+Agility} Work at BRC — 2 Comments

    • The clouds passed over and stayed pretty high so we lucked out. I ended up staying for the fireworks thanks to a turd who parked me in with his gigantic pick up truck! They were pretty awesome so I wasn’t too mad at him until I got stuck in the parking lot for 20 minutes!

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