Sand Creek 10K …so darn close

I had high hopes for the Sand Creek half marathon when I signed up for it. I’m not sure why, at that time it was starting at 8:30am in July – that is a recipe for heat stroke. They got smart and moved the race time for a 7am start…much better but still freaking hot since it has been hitting high 80’s by 9am.

All my hope went out the window when my back decided to rebel against my home office set up. After two days of diligently working at my desk I woke up to an aching back. No stabbing, no throbbing, no severe pain but no break from the ache either. It didn’t matter if I walked, sat, stood or laid on the ground – the pain was relentless. There would be no half marathon.

Maybe I’d run the 10K instead…or walk the 5K. On Friday night I had resolved to walking the 5K but the Saturday dawned a bit better so I decided to give the 10K a shot. Worst case scenario I’d end up walking. Movement didn’t make my back worse so I figured it was worth a try, right?

Boulder Running Company Tent at Sand Creek Half Marathon, 10K and 5K

I volunteered to help with the Boulder Running Company tent set up hoping the extra time up and on my feet would loosen up the back a bit. It helped and by the time the gun went off for the race the ache was very dull – if it weren’t for the previous days of annoyance I would have written this level of pain off as an odd sleeping position. On top of that, my back didn’t bother me in any capacity during the race. It was tight afterward, but nothing like the day before.

Remember when I toyed with the idea of running completely watch-less at the July 4th Liberty Run? Well, I finally grew a pair and left the watch behind. Or, really, ahead – on the wrist of the half marathon winner! Sean, a racer on the BRC team, had forgotten his watch so I lent out mine – there would be no last minute watch starting at this race!

The course was familiar as it was the same as the Hippity Hop Easter Trot so I knew what I was in for…and if my body were less angry I would have had a lot of hope for another PR. All things considered I was really just hoping for a “best effort” kind of day. In a sense, not having a watch made this happen. I kept thinking “oh, if there is no way I can PR I’ll just slow it down” but without a watch I didn’t have any numbers to play with.

At the end of the day, having a watch may have been helpful…I finished less than 30 second shy of my PR. Had I known this sooner I would have been able to at least try kick it in a bit more, or so I like to think. That being said, the last mile seemed to drag on forever. I felt so slow and awkward. At the very least my finish line photos should be entertaining – I realized I had a shot at a PR in the last few hundred meters so I hauled ass…gun time of 51:53, chip time of 51:49. My PR is 51:26, from the same course.

On the plus side, knowing I can pull off a time like this without a number staring up from my wrist I have high hopes for my next 10K, potentially with the Garmin helping out.

Boulder Running Company Race Team - Sand Creek Half Marathon, 10K and 5K

All things considered, I am happy and even a little impressed with my race. The weather was less than ideal with some insane humidity {at least 60%, which is crazy for Colorado…} and I pulled off an 8:21 pace for 6.2 miles, just a week after an 8:30 pace for 4 miles felt like death. I even managed to get into the top 20 females and was just one shy of the top 10 in my age group. I’ll take it and I’ll be proud of it!

Everyone else running with BRC had a great day too! I believe Jena, Bobbi and Ellen pulled off PRs and Sean won the half marathon. Apparently the last portion of the half marathon was pure hell with actual sand to run in. I guess that can be expected with “sand” right in the title but I wasn’t picturing a sandy run. Hearing this made me so incredibly glad I dropped down to the 10K!

2013-07-13 08.12.482013-07-13 08.25.002013-07-13 08.26.29-1
Jim, Ellen and Sean bringing it in – Jena was ahead of me and Bobbi was right behind me

I finished off my day with another attempt at yoga and this time I liked it! I went to Root Yoga in Denver with Mel and loved it. It was a free community class and so much different than my first experience. It was more intense and I’m pretty sure I may have sweat more in yoga than I did running the 10K! Today my arms are screaming at me. I think they are saying “we are weak, please do more yoga!”.

The AVA Colorado Rafting giveaway ended over the weekend and we have a winner – Allison. Check your email!

What are your thoughts on yoga? What type do you prefer?


Sand Creek 10K …so darn close — 13 Comments

  1. congrats on your race! Did you run in pants?

    I’ve really tried to like Yoga.. but I just can’t get into it. Maybe it’s the studio I’ve gone to? There is only one here, so i have no other options. I’m going to try some prenatal yoga (lol, sounds fun, right?) that brighthouse has on demand. I don’t have high hopes, but we’ll see.
    jena recently posted..Meal Plan for July 15-19 & other randomsMy Profile

    • No, I was down to my shorty spandex shorts by the time the race rolled around – I was just the weirdo that was cold when it was a muggy 70 degrees.

      Have you tried different teachers? The girl I went with has been to this studio before but with different teachers and was not prepared for the intensity of Saturday’s class.

  2. The battle of watch or no watch! I know it! When I do triathlons I go without it and always surprise myself when I find out the run result. I can see though being 2 seconds shy of a PR is frustrating, yet it’s GREAT because you still rock. So, there’s that! Congrats!
    Steena recently posted..Racine boundMy Profile

    • Thank you! Considering my intense urge to projectile vomit as soon as I crossed the finish line its probably a good thing I didn’t kick it in too much sooner — my time might not have been perfect but I ran hard for that race!

    • I’m impressed with how sore yoga makes me! Granted I kind of expected it from Saturday’s class – sweat was pouring off me in rivers! I’m definitely not giving up on it…yet!

    • I am claiming some credit for his race…obviously the watch is good luck! :)

      Between a standing desk, icing and yoga I hope to get my back back on track. I’ve never had major issues prior to starting to work from home for longer hours so I 100% blame my desk!

    • It was weird without it – while running I calculated out the overall time for each mile and I wanted so badly to ask someone for the lapsed time but I was kind of afraid of what they would tell me! I definitely felt slower than I was!

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