I’m in! Wait…how far?! {Wild West Relay}

I really like to be a good friend and help people out. Its what I do. Or at least I’m using the “I’m just that nice” excuse to justify how quickly I agreed to help out Paula when her Wild West Relay team needed a back up team mate. One of their runners is battling an injury and won’t be able to participate in the 200 mile relay race from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs.


The email chain started last week and I immediately replied “I’m in!” and then decided to follow that up with “uh, how many miles do I need to run?”. Hey, at least I had the sense to ask one important question! I also managed to check my calendar to make sure I was available. What I failed to really process was the fact that this race is next weekend. As in August 3rd. As in 8 days from today. As in I’ve lost my mind!

All the fancy details are still forthcoming but I have pulled together a mental game plan – don’t die!

It’s a little too late to actually train for a race like this so I’m going to focus on fueling, hydration and trust in my body. My legs have done amazing things so far this year so I think they’ve got this. Right?! And its not like there is any pressure to perform, Paula’s team only finished in the top 3 of their division in the last two races. No big deal, I’ve got this. *sarcasm & fear*

In all honesty, I don’t feel completely unprepared. I have long runs under my belt, a decent mileage base, years spent reading up on relays and a pretty good handle on what I need to pack. Seriously, I think I’ve got this! But even so, do you have any advice?!

And all of this relay jabbering brings me to the second half of this post. Remember last week when I posted about the Color Run in Denver on August 3rd? Well, this relay happens to be that same weekend. Which means I cannot use my two entries to the Color Run. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to make this happen…

Not Denver…yet. But you could help make this colorful mess happen next weekend!

If you are in Denver and have any interest what so ever in running the Color Run leave me a comment letting me know! If you are already signed up and have family/friends who are intrigued that works too, just let me know! I’ll dump the names in random.org on Sunday night and notify the winner right away.

If you are not in Denver you can still use the code COLOR5OFF to get $5 off registration at the Color Run near you. That code also works in Denver in case you just want to sign up already!

**These two free entries are for the Denver Color Run ONLY so you must be in Denver and available to run the Color Run the morning of Saturday, August 3rd. These entries were provided to me for sharing the details of the Color Run and I do have permission from the Color Run to pass them along to you**


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