Please Name Me…

Everyone is having babies…
{seriously, check your FB feed, I’m pretty sure everyone is having babies}

And we were feeling a little left out.

So we got another cat.

It seemed logical. Sort of. It all started when Chris came to Dumb Friends League with me to run the dogs. While I was getting the dogs all set to go he wandered through the cat kennels and decided we needed to bring one home. After two weeks of stalking the continued availability of one particular cat we finally talked ourselves into bringing her home!

On Monday morning, after our bout of trail running and mountain biking, we took our sweaty, stinky selves to the Dumb Friends League to bring a friend home for Fred. The cat we had been eyeballing was a playful black female that was brought in as a stray. Chris wanted playful so he would have entertainment, I wanted black so I wouldn’t need to buy a new wardrobe. Perfect.

2013-08-05 13.23.202013-08-05 13.23.312013-08-05 13.51.51
The ride home – she kept sticking her paws out the box holes so we caved and let her roam the car!

Fred has interacted with only one other cat since we brought him home with us a few years ago so we had no idea what to expect. Turns out hissing and Christmas tree tails would have been the winning guess! There has been a fair amount of hissing but only one cat battle so far. They have actually sat calmly together…while giving each other the stink eye, a minor detail!

During the night and while we are gone she gets locked in the second bathroom with all her cat necessities. When we are home we let them roam free and just listen for spats. So far there has been no blood shed. I think they are actually learning to play together! She loves chasing after string and attacking anything that dangles. Fred’s tail falls into that category. Fred absolutely hates having his tail touched by anyone or anything. This should be an interesting learning curve for her!

2013-08-08 10.08.312013-08-08 10.18.56
Trying to decide if they should be friends + the most use that toy has gotten in years!

We do have one legitimate problem. We can’t figure out what to name her. She came home from the shelter as “Candy” but that sounds more like a striper name than a black cat name so we decided to rename her. Since she is a cat and will never listen to us anyway we figured it is okay to change it up.

She is currently nameless and referred to as “The Other Cat” or “The Little One” simply because we can’t think of anything fitting. Since our creativity is currently useless we’ve decided to crowd source the naming of our cat. Please help us make this monumental life decision! If you’re lucky you just might get to be a cat godparent too!

2013-08-08 12.40.532013-08-08 12.48.48
She is a bit of a daredevil – she was walking along the OUTSIDE edge of the patio earlier today!

Fred got his name because we started calling him “Fraidy Cat Fred” when we realized what a chicken he was. It seems fitting to think of something like that for her too. She is a spaz, she runs around like a possessed demon, she has delayed reactions, she likes to watch you shower {super weird, by the way}, she is a tiny ragdoll and she has absolutely no fear. Please help us get creative!

So help us out. What should we name her? If you help me out here I promise to never again dedicate a long post to just cats {not quite a crazy cat lady} and I will never, ever try to crowd source the naming of any hypothetical children. I promise!

2013-08-05 18.47.472013-08-05 18.48.47
Now we both have study buddies and fancy ergonomic cats!

Extra Bonus Story: I’m considering the new cat to be Chris’s since he picked her out. This means I take no responsibility for the terror she does to our apartment. I am also making him clean her litter box {while they have separate spaces, hopefully they share in the future} which is very entertaining. But it seems fitting, they’ve clearly bonded and I think its hilarious that he now has a cat to nap on his keyboard too!


Please Name Me… — 20 Comments

  1. What about Licorice? It’s a black candy. 😉 Ricky for short?

    Sorry. I can’t even name my own pets. I usually just sort of randomly pick a name out of a book I’ve read recently.
    Kelly recently posted..Going ClearMy Profile

    • Between blog, twitter, FB and real life I feel like one of the few childless people left! Must be our age group!

      Shamrock is good – like the good luck to contradict the bad luck of black cats!

    • Oh my goodness — I left her out of the spare bathroom last night in the time between I went to bed and Chris got home. She was good until Chris got home, then he riled her up and she was a holy terror! 😐

  2. Too cute! So happy for your new addition. Gotta love that first week or two of cat introduction. It takes time but they’ll be best friends before you know it. As for names….we may have a menagerie but we’re not the best at naming. And even when we do assign names they end up get secondary “names” that we end up calling them anyway. Can’t wait to hear what you name her!
    Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb recently posted..The Brighter, The BetterMy Profile

    • We always had really odd names for our pets growing up. A dog named Killer {attacked a badger}, a kitten named “Bug Up Her Butt” {she strutted around…}, a cat named Monkey {literally climbed the curtain}. But they all had a story behind them. Its a good thing people don’t name kids this way! :)

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