Meet… Messy Molly

Remember that one time when I promised to never again dedicate an entire post to a cat?

Well, I lied. And its only partly my fault – the official results and photos still aren’t up for the 10K I ran on Sunday and I’m holding out for the legit numbers before I start getting cocky about my running. So, instead let me officially introduce you to…

Messy Molly

2013-08-21 09.32.22

We considered Batshit Crazy Bella but decided to keep it PG, although we still call her “Crazy Cat” more often than Molly. Trust me, those names are not even a little bit harsh, she lives up to every variation possible! Literally.

For example, she has this thing for q-tips. If you toss a q-tip in the garbage she will dump the garbage upside down and dig it out to drag around like a stick. Heck, sometimes she’ll just dump the trash upside down to see what’s in there. If she finds a q-tip she will play with it until she has gnawed all the cotton off, then leaves cotton bits laying around the apartment.

2013-08-20 08.05.57-12013-08-21 13.41.09

She could also be described as Curious Cathy, Nosey Norma or Klepto Katie. Just this morning I watched her jump up on the bathroom counter, dig in my makeup bag until she found my foundation brush then plop down on the floor to chew on it. This is only the beginning of the list of things she has kidnapped as her own…like the bathmat and my shower scrubby. Weirdo.

2013-08-20 23.00.352013-08-23 19.29.52
Molly is on the left of both top photos – she is much smaller than Fred.

We don’t have a second cat, we have a freaking puppy! But at least the two cats are learning to get along! There is still an occasional Christmas tree tail but they are managing to co-exist and usually when they tackle each other its so they can properly lick one another. Now if only we could figure out how to get them to sleep past 4:30am…


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