Think Snow!

Guess what?

Last Friday we got snow!

Okay, so maybe that is old news considering it is now Tuesday, but I have snowy photos to share and we are in full blown snow mode so I’m going to talk about it a few days late!

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Green Mountain / William F Hayden Park

Chris snagged those photos when he headed out for a snowy, muddy run on Friday morning. By the time I left work at 3pm the only evidence of snow was far off on the foothills and mountains. Regardless, our brains kicked into winter mode. I wore boots two days in a row, we pulled out our winter jackets and our credit card started to cry.

Every year we throw down the poor, abused piece of plastic to buy season passes. Our first year in Colorado we went with the only pass we had any experience with – the Epic Local pass that got us into Keystone, Breckenridge, ABasin and Vail. Last year we decided to try something new – the Rocky Mountain Super Pass with access to Copper, Winter Park and Mary Jane.

L to R: Vail + Mary Jane + Breckenridge + Copper

Neither year gave us much “good snow” so the conditions were not ideal for judging the resorts but as snowboarders the moguls of Winter Park/Mary Jane were brutal. Copper was fun and we’d probably love it on a good snow year but we weren’t smitten enough to re-commit to the Super Pass. Instead we started comparing the Vail Resort passes.

Our final decision? The Keystone + Arapaho Basin Pass!

Heading into Keystone’s Bowls

Yup, just two resorts this year. When we looked back at the last few years we’ve spent the most time at Keystone, put the drive over Loveland Pass to good use and don’t hate the great parking setup Keystone offers. We haven’t fallen in love with ABasin yet, but we’re willing to give it a few more tries! Even with Breckenridge on our passes in the past we rarely went – the parking sucked and it was always busy. I will say that Vail’s back bowls will be dearly missed on powder days but today we did some impulse shopping to make ourselves feel better about that…


We now own splitboards! Well, they are in the mail, but they’ll be ours soon enough! They were ridiculously discounted on The Clymb so we couldn’t help ourselves! We still need to get skins, bindings and avalanche gear before we are truly ready for the backcountry but we are one step closer!


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    • We talked about cutting our own but we only have one board we are willing to chop up so we couldn’t pass up a chance to get both of us split boards! I might still try chopping my Burton in half, it sounds kind of fun!

    • Are you coming to visit at all this winter?! You should… :)

      I’m really excited for the backcountry, but glad we have inbounds options too – not super comfortably with our avalanche training yet and don’t want to die, not yet anyway!

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